Thanks for an Awesome #GivingTuesday

Ally Miner Giving Tuesday

Thank you to everyone who helped support Star Island on #GivingTuesday. We nearly doubled the amount of money raised this #GivingTuesday over last year. Your support means the world to us, and allows us to focus more on 2016.

One highlight of yesterday’s giving included a first time donor. This donor, Ally Miner, worked on Star Island this past summer as the Front Desk Supervisor, and now works in our mainland office. When the younger generation of Shoalers starts participating, we are thrilled and hope the inspiration Ally finds from the Star Island community also inspires others to support this gem of the Isles of Shoals. Read more…


A Long, Beautiful Answer to a Short Question

Bruce Parsons Giving Tuesday

About a month ago we reached out to a few folks asking them to help us prepare for #GivingTuesday. The request involved asking for a photo of the person on Star Island, plus a one to two sentence answer to: Why do you give to Star Island? We’re sending out those responses throughout the day on Facebook and Twitter.

One couple, Bruce and Carole Parsons, responded so amazingly in more than two sentences. And we just had to share their thoughts. So while the little image we post on Twitter might give a couples of sentences, here’s what they really wanted to say:

Why do you give to Star Island?

As you know room and board rates do not cover the full expenses to run and maintain Star Island. Its old buildings, constantly being battered by hard weather, need constant maintenance. New regulations and outside agencies regularly have the island make upgrades to its buildings and systems. The Board and Staff have worked very hard to create the façade of the island to be as it looked over 100 years ago. This is not easy, especially while the systems needed to operate it like the new solar fields, wastewater, reverse osmosis, etc are all very current high tech expensive pieces of equipment. I often use the analogy that Star is a like a Model A with a Ferrari Engine. Read more…


Build a Basket – December 12

Basket Making Webpage Banner Image

Gather in our Portsmouth office on Saturday, December 12 from 10 AM to 3 PM for a basket making workshop. Karen Ellis of the Star Gathering conferences will be leading this workshop and guiding people through making their own basket.

The cost for the workshop is $50, which includes all basket supplies plus a donation to the Star Island scholarship fund. Participants should bring a lunch. Dessert and beverages will be provided. Read more…


Scenes from Starry Night

On Saturday, November 21 we welcomed over 100 people to the Discover Portsmouth Center for a great fundraiser featuring a talk by Dudley W. Dudley about her part in saving the Isles of Shoals from becoming a superport for oil tankers in the 1970s. The night also included a silent auction, live music from the band Seasmoke, and delicious food from Take Away Cafe.

The entire event brought in over $10,000 from ticket sales, sponsorships and the silent auction. Thank you to everyone who came out to the event, donated an item to the silent auction, or supported us through a sponsorship or volunteering. And a huge thank you to Dudley W. Dudley for her presentation. We learned so much and found great inspiration in this story. The night was a terrific reminder of how strong our community is, even on the mainland. Read more…


Fill Up at the BRGR Bar on Saturday


This Saturday, before or after coming to Starry Night, head over to the BRGR Bar in Portsmouth, NH for a delicious meal. This awesome burger joint is featuring The Star Island Burger on November 21st.

The Star Island Burger includes a Maine Family Farms beef patty with spinach, tomatoes, house made old bay aioli, and lobster mac + cheese. You started to salivate, didn’t you? Well, easy fix. Go to the BRGR Bar on Saturday and eat this thing!

And might we suggest ordering a side of ricotta stuffed sweet potato tots? Basically, in case you haven’t figured out, the BRGR Bar means business with its food and we think you should try it out. If not for us, for your stomach. We probably forgot to mention that they have milkshakes that will make your day. How? Some of them are spiked. They also have great homemade sodas like citrus + thyme, or blood orange. We are so hungry right now. Is it Saturday yet?

Starry Night

Even if you fill up at the BRGR Bar earlier in the day, don’t let your food coma make you miss Starry Night. Click here to learn more about the fun evening event.

Directions to the BRGR Bar from the Discover Portsmouth Center