The Arab Spring and Beyond: Where did it come from, where is it going, and what does it mean?

International Affairs Conference

Saturday, July 21 to Saturday, July 28


Uprisings in the Arab world have captured our attention. Internationally recognized speakers address how and why the revolutions happened, what political changes might result and what impact the U.S. has on unfolding events.

Morning theme talks are followed by lively Q&A. In the afternoons explore the island, take an art workshop with Julia Morgan-Leamon (see “An Artist Paints the Egyptian Revolution” at, enjoy a yoga class or relax on the hotel porch overlooking the harbor. Intergenerational evening activities and timely topic talks. Well-regarded youth program with thematic tie-in.

Guest Speakers: Hisham Melhem, Washington Bureau Chief of Al-Arabiya; Jon Alterman, Director & Senior Fellow, Center for Strategic & International Studies; Michele Dunne, Director, Atlantic Council, Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East; Jillian Schwedler, Ass. Prof. of political science, UMass Amherst.

Minister: Rev. Parisa Parsa, First Church, Milton, MA.

Registering for this conference

The registration deadline is March 10th; registrations postmarked after March 10th will be accepted, space available, according to postmark date. The registration fee, less $20, and room & board deposit are refundable only until 4 weeks before the start of the conference.

Make check out to: International Affairs Conference
Registrar: Visit the website or contact Kathy Elefterakis, (781) 326-6082.
Scholarships: Availability is limited, but please do not let financial concerns impact your decision to apply. A scholarship application will be attached to your acceptance form. Please consider making a donation of $35, or more if you are able, to enhance the IA Fund for Scholarships and Programs.

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