Transforming Conflict, Relationships, and Lives One Mediation at a Time

Transformative Mediation Training

Sunday, September 7 to Wednesday, September 10

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If you are like most people in the world, at some point or another, you have tried to intervene in a dispute between others. Some of us make our livelihood of this work. Some just want some extra tools in the toolbox for when it’s absolutely necessary. Transformative mediation is similar to the therapeutic skills of active listening and motivational interviewing. You follow the participants, rather than leading them. You hold the belief that people know best how to live their own lives. You look for calls for empowerment and recognition and you hold those up. And through this, you not only facilitate conflict’s transformation into cooperation, you also have the opportunity to facilitate the transformation of relationships and lives. Transformative mediation is useful for conflict in any type of relationship – spouses (and former spouses), partners (and former partners), parents, parent-child, elderly parent-adult child, coworkers, neighbors, congregants, minister-congregant. So long as there is a relationship between the participants, transformative mediation may be of use. Meredith Richardson has been a mediator since 2004 and has mediated over 800 cases to date. She is President of the Board of Governors of the Maine Association of Mediators and a member of the Board of the NH Conflict Resolution Association.
Programming Fee: $500 per person
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