The Memorial Courtyard

Memorial Garden                               Photo by Betty Olivolo 

The Memorial Courtyard is an area set aside on Star Island that provides an opportunity to memorialize the names of Shoaler family members and their loved ones who are connected to Star Island in a personal and meaningful way.

The centerpiece of the Courtyard is a Rutledge Star engraved on granite and surrounded by the cardinal points. The specially designed compass rose sits in a sea of rock upon which Shoalers may place memorial stones engraved with the names of those who will be remembered for generations to come.

Click here to download a copy of the courtyard stone order form and return it with your check or credit card number to the Development Office at Star Island Corporation, 30 Middle St., Portsmouth, NH 03801.

Those to be recognized and appreciated for their contributions are Property Standards chair Bruce Parsons for the spectacular Courtyard design, and Bill Gimpel who brought a team of volunteers to clear and reclaim the stone surround and laying of the stone elements. Paul Skipper of Plymouth, NH, deserves special mention for the stone work and engraving.

The Memorial Courtyard was funded by a restricted gift to the Shining the Star capital campaign from Tad and Judy Crawford. The teak bench was given in memory of Desmond O’Hara by his family and friends. Additional Memorial Benches may also be purchased by contacting the Development Office or emailing Director if Development, Peter Squires at

The Memorial Book

Instructions For Writing A Page For The Star Island Memorial Book

Writing a page for your loved one is fairly simple. Generally, your description should give your loved one’s history with a focus on how he or she was involved with Star Island and/or what Star Island meant to him or her. There is no cost but a gift in memory is always welcome.

Your write up should be no more than one side of a page and:

  • The heading should be the name, including any nickname (14 pt. Bold type)
  • Birth and Death dates
  • A picture, preferably taken on Star Island
  • Your write up
  • If there is a specific memorial gift or a stone in the Memorial Courtyard, we would like you to mention it at the bottom of the page

Sample Memorial Book Page

We prefer Times Roman, 12 pt. type—although as long as it fits on one page, it is acceptable. We will ensure that your page appears in the memorial book in Star’s Lobby.

Submit your page to

Created by the Island Heritage & Artifacts Committee