Board of Directors

To contact the Board of Directors directly, email

  • Gary Kunz, President

    Gary Kunz


  • Jordan Young

    Jordan Young

    Vice President

  • John Bush, Treasurer

    John Bush


  • Mary Trudeau, Clerk

    Mary Trudeau


  • Lisa Braiterman

    Lisa Braiterman

  • Tom Coleman

    Tom Coleman

    President, Isles of Shoals Association Unitarian Universalist,  Inc.

  • Erik Cordes

    Erik Cordes

  • Josh Davis

    Josh Davis

  • Nick Dembsey

    Nick Dembsey

  • Roger Kellnan

  • Deborah Rogers Duval, President, Star Island United Church of Christ, Inc.

    Deborah Rogers Duval

    President, Star Island United Church of Christ, Inc.

  • Suellen Peluso

    Suellen Peluso



We are proud to be taking care of your Spirit’s Home

You can reach staff by email at the following addresses:

      • Kate Brady, Office Manager

        Kate Brady

        Office ManagerEmail

      • Michael Bray, Information Services Manager

        Michael Bray

        Information Services Manager Email

      • John Bynum, Food Service Manager

        John Bynum

        Island Manager & Food Service Manager Email

      • Jack Farrell, Island Manager & Director of Facilities

        Jack Farrell

        Director of Facilities Email

      • Justina Maji, Conference Center Director

        Justina Maji

        Conference Center DirectorEmail

      • Ally Minor, Administrative Assistant and Assistant Conference Center Director:

        Ally Miner

        Administrative Assistant & Assistant Conference Center DirectorEmail

      • Lisa Santilli, Communications & Development Coordinator:

        Lisa Santilli

        Communications & Development CoordinatorEmail

      • Kristen Simard, Environmental Services Manager

        Kristen Simard

        Environmental Services ManagerEmail

      • Pam Smith, Director of Development:

        Pam Smith

        Director of Development Email

      • Joe Watts, Chief Executive Officer

        Joe Watts

        Chief Executive Officer Email


If you’re not sure who to write to, you can always email, which is monitored by our Office Manager. She can forward your request to the appropriate staffer.