Life on a Star 1 Family Conference – One Star in the Galaxy

August 12, 2017 to August 19, 2017

This week on Star will focus on science and astronomy, observation and examination, and our place in the Universe. In addition to our theme speaker, workshops for kids and adults will tie in themes of connectedness and exploration. We’re also very excited to have our childhood assistant minister from Brooklyn joining us for the week. Through an exploration of the size, scales, and diversity of objects in space, as well as the vast distances between, our theme speaker will help us better appreciate our place in the galaxy and the universe. She will also help us relate to the universe through observations of the night sky as our ancestors have, regardless of our cultural backgrounds. We share this view with all of humanity, and may explore some of this history, in various cultures, in various religions, and think about how each of us personally regards the night sky.

Theme Speaker

We are thrilled to welcome Irene Pease, Professor at CUNY York College, board member of the New York Amature Astronomer’s Association, regular presenter in the Hayden Planetarium, and New York City’s Friendly Neighborhood Astronomer!

Minister of the Week

We are so excited to have Harris Riordan, Minister of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Boca Raton, as our minister of the week.

Youth Programming

Age appropriate programming will be provided throughout the week.

Program Fee:

$130 per adult and $80 per child

Scholarship Info

Visit and click on the “Helping to Pay for LOAS” link for more information.

Room & Board Rates

These rates include lodging, meals, and ferry transportation.

LOAS1 Standard Shared Standard Single Motel Shared Motel Single
Adult 18+ $939 $1,264 $1,156 $1,680


Youth rates are determined by age on the first day of the program, regardless of room type.

LOAS1 Under 6 6-11 Yrs 12-17 Yrs
Youths Free $439 $627

Ferry Schedule

Saturday, August 12
Departure: Portsmouth 2:25 p.m.
Arrival: Star Island 3:25 p.m
Saturday, August 19
Departure: Star Island 8:20 a.m.
Arrival: Portsmouth 9:45 a.m.


Emily Levine and Brian Levine: