Communication With The Island Registrar

The Island Registrar, Mike Bray, corresponds with nearly fifty conference registrars and other conference leaders, and receives data on more than 5,000 guests and visitors over the course of the season. It is important that all correspondence to the Island Registrar be dated, have first and last names noted, and include the conference name.

The preferred method for communicating information is email. The forward, reply, cc, and list capabilities supported by most email software are powerful and time saving tools. They can be used most effectively if a few points are kept in mind

  • Please use discretion in dealing with messages from the Island Registrar. We prefer that our Island Registrar not enter into direct correspondence with individual conferees over registration matters unless there is a compelling reason to do so. Also, conferees should not contact the Island Registrar directly to transmit room requests or plead their cases. When you receive a response from the Island Registrar regarding an individual conferee, please send your own message to the conferee rather than forwarding the Island Registrar’s response.
  • Consider what you want or expect the recipient to do with the information. For example, if a conferee sends an email which includes a room request, a lengthy explanation of a late registration or missing registration information and mention of a medical condition, the message probably contains a lot of material the Island Registrar doesn’t need, and it does not include your take on or recommendations about the situation. Rather than forwarding such a message, we prefer it if you extract the items we need and send them together with your recommendations.
  • Consider any privacy issues which may be involved. This is especially true if medical or other personal information provided by a conferee is being discussed

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