Scholarships And Financial Aid

Conference Scholarships and SIC Financial Aid

All of the Star conferences are to be commended for their vital scholarship programs! Through your fundraising efforts, many Shoalers who might have not otherwise been able to attend a conference received financial aid last season.

With nearly fifty different conferences and retreats per season, it stands to reason that there are many different ways to handle the administration of scholarships when it comes to room & board, billing and reimbursement. In an effort to streamline billing procedures and front-desk operations, we encourage conferences adopt a single method for administering scholarship fund disbursements. It is our hope that the following method of handling scholarship funds can be used by conferences:

  1. Conferee applies for scholarship;
  2. Conferences use whatever method they choose to decide on awards;
  3. Conference writes a check in the amount of the scholarship payable to the recipient to use as they see fit in paying their Star Island expenses; alternatively, some conferences present scholarship checks to recipients when they arrive on island, payable to “Star Island Corporation.”
  4. Check, along with award letter, is sent to recipient that explains that the recipient is responsible for keeping and using these funds for Star Island expenses and should they need to cancel, scholarship funds must be returned in full.

Please note: Conferees cannot use both conference scholarships and SIC financial aid. They may apply for both and accept only one. For more information, see the financial aid page of the website.

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