Registration Timeline

January 1 through April 1

  • Online registration opens on January 1st
  • Attend Chairs and Registrars training meeting in early January in the Star Island office in Portsmouth
  • Prepare welcome packet
  • Start accepting registrations and processing data in Raiser’s Edge

January through the First Day of your Conference

  • Keep current with data updates to conferee registrations in the Raiser’s Edge. Conference enrollment reports can be accessed from Raiser’s Edge at your convenience. This information is also used by the Star Island Corporation for weekly budget projections, deposits and conference programming fees allocation, registration planning and much more. The Island Registrar typically prepares reports every Friday. Up-to-date information about conference enrollment is vital to these reports thus accurate, timely data updates by the Conference Registrar are essential. If there will be a period of time in which you will not be able to respond to registrants and/or update registration data as necessary, please alert the Island Registrar as soon as possible.
  • Starting in April, the 15th of Each Month before your Conference: SIC will issue and mail a check made out to the conference. It will be sent to the name and address provided by the conference leadership as the person handling the conference finances. The report with the check should be verified for each person and amount paid. Retain this record of money received from SIC as this will help in the reconciliation process between the Island Registrar and Conference Treasurer.

Four Weeks before your Conference

  • Large main season conferences should submit a “first draft” of their conference’s housing assignments to the Island Registrar. Drafts should be made in the Housing Matrix – Excel Worksheet. Conference Registrars creating drafts need to consider a multitude of factors submitted in registrations. A registration report from Raiser’s Edge will provide the housing requests and other preferences that need to be considered. The Star Island Building Charts are a helpful guide during this process as well. The Charts and the Housing Matrix – Excel Worksheet are available here: Building-Room Charts – Star Island / Registrar Housing Maxtrix

Two Weeks before your Conference

  • A conference Room Assignment Report will be provided by the Island Registrar. This finalized housing report will be based on your “first draft”, other correspondence about specific housing and other internal factors. Conference Registrars are asked to review this report carefully to identify “problem” room assignments prior to the conference arrival date. Every attempt will be made to meet your conferees housing needs, but the Island Registrar may make adjustments for varying reasons that will be discussed with you. At this point, major changes to housing should not be made or requested by the Conference Registrar. Late registrations are not given room choice priority.
  • Inform the Island Registrar of the conference leadership early arrival plans. Send a list of the conferees who would like to arrive early. Options include: arriving the night before the conference for a discounted rate or during the main season, arriving to Star Island in the morning on the day of the conference. Early morning arrivals must take the 6:45am Thomas Laighton run. All early arrival plans must be cleared with the Island Registrar.

One Week before your Conference

  • Provide the Late Arrival/Early Departure COG Boat List to the Island Registrar. This is created with the registration data provided by registrants and verified by the Conference Registrar for all conferees not on the schedule conference ferry run.
  • Verify you have a completed Minor Medical Release Form for any youth not attending the island with a legal guardian. Minor Medical Release Forms should be noted in Raiser’s Edge when received. The forms should be delivered to the Island Registrar or the Front Desk upon your arrival on the island.
  • Check in with the Island Registrar to confirm all necessary information has been collected or submitted. Discuss any last minute registrations, cancellations or other concerns/needs of your conferees.

Upon your Arrival

  • Have Door Tags ready for children under eight years of age. These are in addition to your conference nametags. They are placed on the door of each room with a child under age eight, and are vital to responders in case of fire or fire drill. These tags are required. If the tags could be hung on the door knobs, as opposed to using tacks or tape, that would be preferable.
  • If you haven’t already done so, schedule a time to meet with the Island Registrar that day to make sure all final details have been addressed and resolved.
  • Drop off Minor Medical Release Forms

Before Leaving Star Island

  • Verify payment of the Conference Bill at the Front Desk. The Conference Bill will be available to conference leadership (Treasurer) the night before your departure. It will include any charges billable to the conference, i.e. Conference Services, Accident Insurance Charge, Credit Card Merchant Fees.
  • Check with the Front Desk about any unpaid conferee bills as they will be submitted to the Island Registrar to collect payment.

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