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Star Island Corporation

Volunteering: A Wonderful, Rewarding Experience

by Scott Stewart, Volunteer and All Star 1 Conferee There are the obvious reasons to come out and volunteer at Star Island: giving back to a place we love so much, helping save the island money and a wonderful time of communing with nature to name a few. But there are also the less obvious… Read more >

Star Island Corporation

For Your Shoalmate, And Other Notes

Star Island’s ability to create lasting relationships is generally talked about in the sense of friendship, but we’re not immune to Cupid’s arrow either. From guests growing smitten with each other while attending summer workshops to staff flirting while folding laundry, Star Island provides a certain set of circumstances for falling in love, or, at… Read more >

Star Island Corporation

Volunteer, Visit Star in the Spring

by Linda Leehman, Volunteer Coordinator Imagine Star Island without volunteers. Having trouble doing that? So am I. I can’t imagine how we could do all that island living requires without volunteers. If you volunteered for an open up work weekend at Star Island last year, you know how hard you worked to help get Star… Read more >

Green Gosport Initiative

Star Island Partners with Seacoast Science Center and Shoals Marine Lab

On Thursday, February 5, three organizations from the New Hampshire seacoast partnered to advance their shared vision of a sustainable coastal community and healthy ocean. Hosted by the Seacoast Science Center, staff from the Shoals Marine Lab and Star Island gave a crowd of over 50 people details on the sustainability initiatives that have significantly… Read more >


Historic Wallpaper

Sour cream. On Star Island, that’s not just a condiment for the chili lunch. Sour cream is also the name of the paint used in guest rooms and meeting spaces throughout the island’s 32 buildings. The rooms, often painted by volunteers during the spring, have not always been so uniform. The photos below, shared with… Read more >