The Star Island Corporation Board of Directors and senior staff have been working alongside several others in our community to address how COVID-19 is impacting and might continue to impact Star Island and the Star Island Corporation. We are truly blessed to have such hard-working, collaborative, and skilled leaders in our Shoaler family.

Despite the uncertainty all around us, there is something we know for sure – our Shoaler community is made for this. For more than a century, our Shoaler community has served as a beacon of light and a source of strength. This is the case today – you know this, and I know it too. We are here for each other right now.

Are we going to make it out to Star Island this summer?

While we can’t answer this question today, we are carefully monitoring the rapidly evolving situation. We have been evaluating various scenarios for the 2020 season, ranging from safely opening the island as scheduled to not being able to do so at any point this year. We are weighing our options for other decisions we must make in the coming days and weeks in a deliberate and compassionate manner. All throughout, we are guided by our values, and the health and well-being of our Shoaler community is at the forefront of our minds and hearts.

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Star Island Corporation will take place remotely, via video conference, on May 2. Details forthcoming.

Conferees: We have amended our cancellation policy to make things as easy as possible. Cancellations prior to the first day of your conference will result in a full refund of the room and board deposit. This gives you time and flexibility to make an informed decision about your summer plans. If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so with no risk of losing your room and board deposit.

Employees and Volunteers: If you plan to work or volunteer on the island this spring/summer, we will continue to contact you directly with the latest information as we have it. We have delayed the start of our open-up period from April 13 to May 11.

Here are some good resources to help you stay informed:

Dear Ones,

I hope this finds you well during this difficult time. 

I know in my heart that Star is not just a place we come to for a week, or work on for a few months, but rather a place we carry in our hearts and bodies year-round. A place we can return to when life tosses us around–when we find ourselves bereft or adrift or even fighting off the bitterness of a hard winter. Closing your eyes, taking some breaths, and finding your favorite spot on Star in your mind is, indeed, the gift this beautiful island gives us through all the seasons of our lives. 

At this moment in time–this painful time of waiting and wondering–let us look to Star as the beacon of light, memory and hope that it is.  Let us take refuge in Star and in one another.  And let us trust that when the time is right, we will come back.

In Faith,

Your Island Minister, Sophia Lyons