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Updated August 10, 2021

We are pleased to report that we have been open since June and the 2021 season is going well. We know you have questions and we are committed to providing answers here. If you have additional questions about our health and safety protocols, please contact our medical staff at FAS@starisland.org.

We will continue to update this page as we receive more questions, and as the 2021 season progresses. 

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Health and Safety

Do I have to wear a mask on Star Island?

In light of the Delta variant, we are requiring everyone, regardless of vaccination status, to wear a mask indoors.

When outdoors, masking and social distancing are not required, but encouraged; people who are not fully vaccinated are expected to not be in prolonged close contact (<6′).

Will social distancing be in place?

In light of the Delta variant, we are encouraging everyone, regardless of vaccination status, to practice social distancing when indoors.

When outdoors, social distancing is encouraged; people who are not fully vaccinated are expected to not be in prolonged close contact (<6′).

Will vaccines be required?

All employees and overnight guests age 12 and up are expected to be fully vaccinated (2+ weeks from final dose) against COVID-19 prior to coming to Star Island, and to furnish proof of vaccination (e.g. your Vaccination Record Card). If this poses a challenge/issue for you, please reach out to our medical staff at FAS@starisland.org.

What will be accepted as proof of vaccination?

We will accept the following:

  • Your Vaccination Record Card
  • A photocopy of your Vaccination Record Card
  • A photo of your Vaccination Record Card on your phone
  • A printout from the VAMS website
  • A printout of your vaccine record from your Primary Care Provider

What if someone exhibits COVID-19 symptoms while on the island?

We have detailed protocols in place for how to address the situation (including contact tracing) where a guest or employee exhibits COVID-19 symptoms on island. Any person exhibiting symptoms on island will be evaluated by medical staff, tested, and required to quarantine in their guest room or a designated on-island quarantine area until their test results are known. Any person testing positive for COVID-19 will be evaluated by medical staff and a decision will be made on a case-by-case basis regarding whether that person can stay on island.

Do I need to get tested before I come to the island?

  • For those that are fully vaccinated (2+ weeks after final dose):
    • Testing is not required
  • For those that are not fully vaccinated (including children):
    • Proof of a recent (within 3 days) negative PCR test result will be required, i.e. testing on a Thursday for a Sunday arrival.  If you have tested positive for COVID-19 within 90 days of arrival, please email FAS@starisland.org for alternate instructions.

All overnight guests MUST either provide proof of full vaccination or a negative COVID-19 PCR test result in order to board the ferry to Star Island.

If you have been possibly exposed to COVID-19, or if you have any COVID-19 symptoms – even if you think it is just a minor cold – please get a PCR COVID-19 test 3 days prior to your arrival (even if you are fully vaccinated). If you’re able, consider being tested before your trip (even if you don’t have symptoms or known exposure) to help ensure our community is the safest possible environment for everyone, including our unvaccinated young Shoalers.

How can I find a place to get a PCR test?

The best way to locate a testing facility is through conducting internet research and searching for Covid testing. Also, check with your local or state health department as they usually maintain a list of testing sites. To find one that tests for free or tests young children, it is a matter of calling around to each place until you find one that suits your needs. Unfortunately these sites change very frequently and it has become impossible to maintain a current list. However, there are free tests available in nearly every area of the US, especially through public health departments. To locate your public health department, go to:

What happens if my COVID-19 test results don’t come in time

Most labs will not guarantee a time frame in which you will receive test results. This can be, understandably, anxiety provoking. If you have not received results by the morning of your arrival, please reach out to FAS@starisland.org . We will assist you so you can still board the ferry on time. Please know we will work with you to ensure you or any family members are able to attend as planned.

I’ve looked online, called my health department, and still can’t find a test. What do I do now?

If you have tried and still are unable to make arrangements, please contact us at FAS@starisland.org.

Is a rapid antigen COVID-19 test acceptable?

No, we are requiring PCR tests. In some places rapid PCR tests are available. Most of these would be acceptable, however, the gold standard is a PCR test that was sent to a lab. When looking for tests look for tests that are PCR and that get sent to a lab for processing.

Under what circumstances might I have to leave the island sooner than planned?

Guests and staff may have to leave the island this summer if they:

  • Test positive for COVID-19
  • Are in close contact to a person who tests positive
  • Do not comply with Star Island’s health and safety regulations
  • Need to isolate or quarantine because of infection or exposure

…or other reasons as deemed necessary by management, such as temporary island closure due to an uncontained COVID-19 outbreak.

For people who live within driving distance of Portsmouth, leaving the island early may not pose a significant logistical challenge. However, those without easy access to off-island housing should have an Alternative Travel Plan in place.

Alternative Travel Plan: Every person (regardless of vaccination status) should make a plan for the possibility of leaving the island early that is relevant to their situation. Star Island will provide boat transportation from Star Island to Portsmouth.

Items to consider:

  • Air travel/public transportation restrictions due to COVID-19 infection or exposure (e.g. unable to fly when under isolation or quarantine)
  • Ground transportation from Portsmouth if you did not park at the dock
  • Alternate lodging or housing within range of Portsmouth for people who live farther away
  • Impact on minors or travel companions you are with
  • Minors attending without an adult member from their household

Star Island is not able to provide travel assistance, lodging, or housing once off the island.

NOTE: Fully vaccinated people are also asked to have a plan in place. Though it is unlikely, a fully vaccinated person can still get COVID-19 or develop symptoms after exposure to COVID-19. For this reason, the CDC recommends the person quarantine or isolate under those conditions. Additionally, it is possible CDC guidelines or the situation on Star will change during the season necessitating a fully vaccinated person to isolate or quarantine.

What if I’m traveling from outside the U.S.?

Please carefully review the following information for international travelers and contact our medical staff at FAS@starisland.org with any questions.

New Hampshire COVID-19 Travel Guidance 

International Travel During COVID-19

Will there be health screening on the island?

All overnight guests will be required to go through a simple self-check screening process at the dock upon arrival and each day they are on the island. Signage with instructions may be found in each guest room.

What if I have a non-COVID-19 related illness or injury?

The First Aid Station (FAS) will be fully staffed, as normal, and will not be seeing patients exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms. There will be a separate FAS field station set up for COVID-19 response, and we have hired additional medical staff this year to focus on this response (including helping develop and implement our protocols and run the FAS field station).

What other resources are available to me?

Here are some good resources to help you stay informed:

Will there be day visitors?

You can now visit Star Island for a walking tour or for the entire day (on weekends) in summer 2021!

We are excited to welcome visitors back to Star Island this season. To help keep all island visitors safe and to limit the spread of COVID-19, Star Island has implemented protocols in accordance with CDC Guidelines and NH Best Practices Guidance. Following these few simple precautions should not detract from your time on Star and will help ensure we can continue to allow the public to enjoy the island this season.

  • Guests staying briefly on Star Island (walking tour, approx 1 hr) – Restrooms are available on the vessel which brought you to Star island. There are no restroom facilities on island but your tour vessel will remain at the pier during your tour for your convenience.
  • On weekends from June 26th – August 22nd guests have the option of enjoying Star Island for the entire day! Please use designated restrooms on the island at the Brookfield building (see map on Pier).
  • In order to provide separation between our overnight guests, who are taking additional precautions to come to the island, day visitors unfortunately will not have access to the buildings, porches, etcetera with the exception of the restrooms in Brookfield (see map on Pier).

Although things will be different, we are committed to making the day visitor experience a pleasant one.

  • We have added many picnic tables and Adirondack chairs which will be available to day visitor guests
  • On most days starting June 26, the Gosport Grill will be open (weather dependent) for lunch, with extended hours on weekends. Of course, day visitor guests are always welcome to pack a picnic lunch.
  • We are continuing to expand access to island favorites such as the Rutledge Marine Lab, the Shops on Star, Vaughn Cottage and the like as guidance and conditions allow. The current hours of the Rutledge Marine Lab are 9am-11:30am and 2pm-4pm daily. The current hours of Vaughn Cottage museum are 9am-12pm on weekdays and 1-3pm on Sundays (closed Saturdays).

Registering for a Conference

When will conference registration open for 2021?

Registration for conferences happening in June, July, and most of August (up till August 28) opened on March 10. Registrations will be processed starting May 1, after which date people who registered will hear back on whether or not they are accepted into the conference(s) they registered for. Registration for September conferences will open on May 10.

Why do some conferences that normally start on Saturday start on Sunday?

Most conferences taking place prior to August 28 will be one night shorter in duration creating a “gap night” with no overnight guests between conferences to allow adequate time for thorough cleaning and disinfection.

How many overnight guests will be on island at once?

We are capping overnight guest capacity at about 170 people (vs. a normal overnight guest capacity of 280+) – this is roughly 60% of our regular guest capacity. Additionally, we are reducing the number of employees we have on the island by about 30 positions, bringing our employee population to roughly 75% of its regular size.

What if I need to cancel my registration?

We recognize that this is an evolving situation and that some people may want to cancel after they’ve registered. We have a forgiving, low stress cancellation policy this year. You may cancel up to the day before the conference starts to receive a full refund. Due to anticipated limited overnight capacity, we are asking that people only register for a conference if they feel it is likely they will attend. Please help out your fellow Shoalers by not registering if you are unlikely to attend (as you might box somebody out).

Why is the pricing for 6 nights the same as it was for 7 nights last year?

The combination of extraordinary COVID-19 related expenses necessary to implement health and safety protocols, along with the related need to reduce conferee capacity, has caused a significant negative impact to our budget for 2021.  We haven’t raised rates from what they were in 2020, but we are also not adjusting rates for conferences with a gap night. In other words, conferees will pay the same amount for room and board they would have paid in 2020 (pre-pandemic), even though many conferences will have one less night on island.  By not reducing our rates, we can reduce the negative impact of these income losses and expense increases, while at the same time not asking individuals or families to pay more than what they would have paid prior to the pandemic.

Is financial assistance available?

We understand that the circumstances of this past year may make a stay on Star a financial strain for some people. To help support our Star Island family, we have increased funding for Financial Grants and encourage people who may need aid to apply. This is a confidential process. Please apply here after you register for your conference. If your conference begins before August 28, please apply by May 1. If your conference begins on or after August 28, please apply by July 1.

Is there a discount program this year?

We will not be offering a discount program in 2021 (though we anticipate doing so again in 2022). For people who would have qualified to receive a discount in 2020 under a multi-year discount (such as the Former Pelican and You Will Come Back! discount programs), you may apply for this discount by emailing Mike Bray, Island Registrar

Other Overnight Guests

What is a Conference Overnight Guest?

A conference overnight guest is someone who registers for a conference for only a few days during the conference week.

Can I be a Conference Overnight Guest in 2021?

We are allowing conference overnight guests, however, we encourage you to register for a whole conference.

Can I pay for the whole conference week and only stay for a few days?

Yes, you could register for a conference week and leave early, but you must pay for the whole week. You cannot register for a conference week and arrive late because you are required to attend orientation.

What is a Pel guest?

A Pel guest is an overnight visitor hosted by one of the Pelicans (seasonal workers).

Can I be a Pel guest in 2021?

We are allowing Pelican guests this year. The last date to sign up for a visit is Sunday, 8/15.

What is a Personal Retreater?

Our Personal Retreats offer an opportunity for people to stay on the island while not being a part of a conference.

Can I be a Personal Retreater in 2021?

We will not be offering Personal Retreats for the 2021 season.  We encourage you to register for a conference or come out on a day trip via the ferry companies that serve Star Island.

Volunteering on the Island

You can apply to volunteer on the island this summer here.

Island Living

What will showers be like?

Only members of the same household or pod of island roommates will be permitted in shower rooms at any given time. Shower times will be scheduled in advance, and we will be expanding shower room hours to allow shower times to be spread out in this way. Sign up for showers is available in the lobby at the writing desk.

What will housekeeping services be like?

Bathrooms and showers will be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis throughout the day and evening. Bedrooms will be cleaned and disinfected in between conferences, though employees will not enter your room during your stay (except in the event of an emergency). This plan is to ensure that you (and members from your household) have a private guestroom with no other occupants during your stay. Fresh sheets, towels and blankets will be delivered to your room prior to arrival – blankets will be kept in storage for a week between guests. You can leave a trash bag outside your bedroom door for pickup mid-week. High-touch surfaces like railings and tables will be disinfected regularly. Disinfecting supplies will be provided in bathrooms and shower rooms for individual use (in addition to cleaning/disinfecting performed by the staff on a regular basis).

With whom can I share a room?

People from the same household, regardless of vaccination status, may share a room on Star Island.

People who are fully vaccinated (2+ weeks from last dose) may share a room, even if they are from different households.

People who are fully vaccinated may share a room with people who are unvaccinated (provided that those who are unvaccinated are from the same household, and as long as none of the unvaccinated people are at risk for severe illness or live with someone who is). For example, a grandparent who is vaccinated may share a room with their grandchild who is unvaccinated (provided they are not at risk for severe illness or live with someone who is).

Your bedroom should not be used as a social gathering space. You and the people you share housing with will be the only people allowed to enter your guestroom (except in the event of an emergency). Separate outdoor and indoor spaces will be provided for socializing.


What will mealtimes look like?

Dining will be modified to provide outdoor seating whenever possible, and indoor dining with appropriate spacing and other precautions (including when it’s raining outside). The main dining hall’s normal capacity is 320, and by limiting our occupancy in 2021 to 170 – and possibly having auxiliary dining areas like Elliott Hall in play – we anticipate being able to offer indoor dining for all guests (though we also anticipate many of you will want to eat outside).

Meals are currently being served self-serve buffet style with compostable dinnerware for outdoor eating and regular dinnerware for indoor seating. There will be a separate station for dietary restrictions in the snack bar alcove.

Everyone is required to wash or sanitize hands immediately prior to entering the dining hall.

Outdoor dining is encouraged – we will have additional picnic tables set up and tables on the front porch. People are also welcome to sit in the porch rockers while eating.

What about my food sensitivities and how will I access the food I bring?

As always, we strive to do our best in accommodating needs and provide vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options at every meal. Individuals with food allergies should note specific allergy needs on their registration. If you bring food to the island, we can store it in the kitchen, and you can access it during meals by asking a waitrae or outside of meals by asking at the front desk.

Will the Snack Bar and Island Grill be open?

The Snack Bar and Island Grill will be open. You will be able to have a lime rickey on Star Island in 2021!

Recreation and Programming

How will conference programming be different?

Conference leaders have re-envisioned workshops, lectures, youth programs, performances, and other activities so that they can happen outdoors, or in some cases indoors with appropriate spacing and other precautions. We have been working with conference leaders for months, and we are grateful for their collaborative spirit and can-do attitude in the face of uncertainty.

Can I visit Appledore? Go on a sunset cruise?

We are not offering the sunset cruise or Appledore tour this season.

Will the Rutledge Marine Lab be open?

Yes, the marine lab is open for the season. The current hours of the lab are 9am-11:30am and 2pm-4pm daily. We will continue to offer bird, geology, botany, and low tide walks and will encourage outdoor education throughout the season.

Will Vaughn Cottage Museum & Library be open?

Yes, Vaughn is open for the season. The current hours of the museum are 9am-12pm on weekdays and 1-3pm on Sundays (closed Saturdays). We will continue to offer a variety of historical tours and programs.


Swimming is permitted as usual at the dock in the presence of a lifeguard.


We are having weekly softball games.

Social/Fellowship Hour

Social/fellowship hours are being held outdoors, under porch roof or tent cover in inclement weather.

Hall Monitoring

We are not offering hall monitoring services this season.


We are not offering massage therapy on the island this season.


Singing is not permitted indoors on Star Island but is permitted outdoors.


Some chapel services are being held in alternate locations, including outdoors. Many chapel services are currently being held inside the chapel. At this time, masks must be worn inside the chapel.

Where can I hang out with my friends?

We recognize that hanging out with old friends and meeting new friends is a big part of the Star Island experience, and we are working hard to provide meaningful (and safe!) ways for people to hang out. Most of this is happening outside, though there are also a few indoor spaces with appropriate social distancing, mask wearing, etc. There are so many places on the island to hang out – on porches and decks, in rocking chairs, on the lawn, at a picnic table, in an Adirondack chair, on the rocks, walking the perimeter road…the list goes on. There are specific areas around the island for people to socialize.

What if it rains? What if it’s cold?

We recommend bringing lots of warm clothes, even in the summer, so you are comfortable being outdoors. Extra rain gear, activities to do on a quiet rainy day such as crafts, a good book, activities for kids, boots to go out and splash in puddles, etc.

Star Island Corporation

Will Star Island open in 2021?

Yes! We have opened and we are committed to the health and safety of everyone that comes to Star Island, and to the long-term health and vitality of our precious island.

Will Star Island survive?

This is a critical moment in Star Island’s history. Not opening for the 2020 conference season meant losing nearly all budgeted operating income. Recognizing the severity of the current circumstances, many in our community have risen to the challenge by increasing their charitable support for Star Island, including hundreds of first-time donors. We have also received generous support from local businesses and public and private grant funding. In the months ahead, we will continue to rely on extraordinary support from our community as we build our resources to hedge against the continued uncertainty we face this year and beyond.

So yes, Star Island will survive. Star has held strong through many significant challenges, including the 1918 influenza pandemic, two World Wars, and the island opening late in 2007. In this historically challenging time, our community is showing exactly what Star Island means to all of us.

How can I help?

We are so grateful for the dedication of our community, and our shared sense of stewardship for Star Island. At this pivotal time for Star, your generosity will make a big difference. With your support, we will get through these unprecedented challenges and We Will Come Back!

Please click here to make a donation today. If you have questions or would like to discuss your giving plans, please e-mail our Development Director, Peter Squires.