Artist in Residence (AIR) Program 2020

Please note: the 2020 Star Island Artist in Residence Program has been postponed until 2021.

Star Island Family Conference and Retreat Center seeks talented, responsible, hard-working Artists-in-Residence to contribute to our mission of hospitality and participate in forming a healthy island-wide community. Artists-in-Residence on Star Island must be especially safe, cooperative, and respectful and able to thrive in the close working and living quarters of our remote setting.

In the spirit of the Isles of Shoals’ historic allure, artists are invited to stay and work on Star Island for a week at a time throughout the summer season.

The works in each artist’s exhibit are available for purchase, with 50% of each sale benefiting Star Island.

In addition to exhibiting work, the Artist-in-Residence presents a public offering open to conference-goers and staff (Pelicans). This could take the form of a workshop, art talk, lecture presentation, or live demonstration.

Check out our program in the Portsmsouth Herald!

Thank you to our 2019 Artists-in-Residence!

Christopher Volpe

Marcus Greene

Hayley Wood

Juno Lamb

Ron Quinn

Alastair Dacey