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Star Always Felt Like Another World

by Martha Burnham, Laity Family Weekend I first set foot on Star Island in 1958 when our family decided to take a day trip out of Portsmouth to see where my brother would be attending a church conference later that summer. We went aboard the Kiboko, and I remember the passenger pigeons that were let… Read more >

Days, Weeks, Months: Searching for the Essence of Star Island

by Sarah Gordon, Star Arts Chair At 22, with no island heritage to speak of, I became a Shoaler. I grew up in Salem, Massachusetts, but had never known of the Isles of Shoals. It was after my cousin and father took a day trip to the Isles of Shoals that I first heard of… Read more >

Hooked by a Sense of Total Freedom

by Kristin Laverty, International Affairs Family Conference I’ll start from the beginning. My father attended some of the first family conferences in the 50’s with his parents, and that is how my family began our connection to Star Island. (Not to brag, but my grandmother is quoted in Fred McGill’s “Something Like A Star” …I… Read more >

Lessons from Star

by Sally Hamburger, Life on a Star I have been coming to the Life on a Star conferences for 45 years now, and obviously I love every part of it. Well, maybe not the poison ivy. My favorite spot is the chapel in the early morning. Starting every day there sets my outlook for the… Read more >

The Call to Return Massages the Spirit

By Kate Leigh, Massage Therapist First a little about my her-story with Star Island. I used to come out here as a child. My family went to the Unitarian church. Star Island happens to have a strong affiliation with this church group as well as some others. The island is part of a group of… Read more >

Back Again and Again for the Community

by Aaron Hamburger, Life on a Star I first came to Star Island in 1969. I have returned for 45 years primarily because after the second year, my wife and three daughters demanded it. I come again and again for the people, emotional and intellectual stimulation and the beautiful surroundings. Perhaps my peak experience at… Read more >

Writer comes to Star Island looking for cool

by Dale Slongwhite, Writelines Twelve years ago on a broiling August afternoon when nothing seemed to cool us off, I said to my husband, “I think I remember seeing a sign in Portsmouth about a ferry tour. I think if we got out into the ocean, we’d cool off.” So off we went. I stood… Read more >

Frequent Traveler Returns Every Year

by Betty Olivolo, Natural History Week Why do I keep coming back to Star Island year after year? Why is it my favorite place on Earth? Great question, and I first have to say that I love to travel—I’ve been to all the continents except Antarctica! And if you had asked me a dozen or… Read more >

Journeys, Generations and Jubilee

by Ben Soule with Debbie Weiner Soule, All Star 1 Family Conference From “Jubilee,” by Mary Chapin Carpenter: I can tell by the way you’re searching For something you can’t even name That you haven’t been able to come to the table Simply glad that you cameAnd when you feel like this try to imagine… Read more >