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Frequent Traveler Returns Every Year

by Betty Olivolo, Natural History Week Why do I keep coming back to Star Island year after year? Why is it my favorite place on Earth? Great question, and I first have to say that I love to travel—I’ve been to all the continents except Antarctica! And if you had asked me a dozen or… Read more >

Journeys, Generations and Jubilee

by Ben Soule with Debbie Weiner Soule, All Star 1 Family Conference From “Jubilee,” by Mary Chapin Carpenter: I can tell by the way you’re searching For something you can’t even name That you haven’t been able to come to the table Simply glad that you cameAnd when you feel like this try to imagine… Read more >

Sounds of the Shoals

by Laura Ermini, Star Gathering 1, Former Pelican I have been coming to Star Island almost each summer of my life. I also spent an entire summer on island as a Pelican. There are certain songs that “bring me back” and each one would be included on my Star Island playlist. The choices are as… Read more >

Sharing Star Island: A Mug Shot

Sharing Star Island just got more creative thanks to an idea from All Star 2 Shoaler Roger Kellman. Roger’s idea for sharing Star Island starts with his congregation’s social hour. Many folks sharing Star Island use their congregation’s social hour because it’s a time designed for casual conversation and, well, talking about Star Island is… Read more >

Favorite Place: East Rock

By Tristan Binns, Star Island Yoga Retreat My favorite spot on Star Island is East Rock. There, I am riding the waves out to the horizon all around me. I am greeting the sun rising this morning and every single morning I ever waited in the dark on the rock for the sun to rise…. Read more >