You got a coupon!

We are so glad you will be joining us for a camp/conference on Star Island. Not sure which one to register for? Want to know more? More information is available at

Coupon FAQ

Who can use a coupon?

People (age 6+) who have never been to a conference on Star Island are welcome to use this coupon. You must be attending the full duration of the conference (for example, if the conference is scheduled for three nights, you must be registered for all three nights).

What can it be used for?

You can use your coupon as payment toward your room and board bill for a conference when you pay your bill on Star Island. 

How do I register for a conference?

Check out

I will also be receiving a stipend, financial aid and/or a discount – can I still use the coupon?

Yes! You can combine conference stipends, coupons, discounts and financial aid as long as you don’t exceed the total value of the room and board bill.