Why did Star Island make the decision in the spring to close for the entire summer season?

We considered all the possibilities and made the decision not to open the island based on our top priority, the health and safety of all people who come to Star. After consultation with our medical advisors and regulatory agencies, we determined that it would be unsafe to gather large groups on the island at any point this season.

Is it possible if the pandemic improves Star conferences could happen later in the season?

We share the hope that the effects of this pandemic will take a turn for the better at some point in the months ahead, however, we do not foresee safely convening large groups of people on the island at any point this summer. Opening late would also be operationally challenging, as it takes a large group of staff and volunteers approximately six weeks to open the facilities on Star.

If things improve, is there a chance that you could safely open to boaters or day visitors in late August or September?

We will be following the developments of the pandemic closely. We based our decision not to open to visitors on the most current information that prioritizes health and safety, but if there is a dramatic shift we will consider all the options and remain flexible.

Can I volunteer on the island this summer?

We are grateful for all who wish to help, however, there will be no volunteer program this season for health and safety reasons. There may be other off-island opportunities to help. Please contact Kate Brady, our Office Manager, for more information.

Can I take my boat out to Star?

The island is closed to all visitors, including boaters.  While boaters will have access to  Gosport Harbor, they will not be allowed to pull up to the dock or disembark. We hope you’ll visit in 2021!

Will Star Island survive?

This is a critical moment in Star Island’s history. Not opening this summer means losing nearly all of our budgeted operating income, among many other challenges. While we have taken a variety of measures to reduce our expenses, many of the costs to operate Star Island remain. This year, Star will rely on charitable giving like never before. So yes, Star Island will survive – and to do so, we will depend on extraordinary support from our community. Star Island has held strong for over one hundred years. Through many significant challenges, including the 1918 influenza pandemic, two World Wars, and the island opening late in 2007, we have risen together as a community. We will rise together again.

How can I help?

We are so grateful for the dedication of our community, and our shared sense of stewardship for Star Island. In this time of urgent need, your generosity will make all the difference. With your support, we will get through this and We Will Come Back! Please click here to make a donation today. If you have specific questions or concerns regarding gifts or planned giving, please e-mail our Development Director, Peter Squires.

How can I stay connected with Star Island?

Please sign up for our e-news to stay in touch.  We are also on social media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We will also be providing virtual programming throughout the season.