Capital Campaign

Shining the Star Campaign Completion

Star Island’s Shining the Star Campaign concluded in 2012. Click here to view a presentation on what this campaign achieved for Star Island.

Completed Projects, Renovations And Upgrades

  • Memorial Courtyard
  • Business Center
  • Secondary fuel containment
  • Life-safety exterior stairs for Cottage A, Shack, and Star Loft
  • Replaced freight boat (the M/V Perseverance)
  • Commercial laundry equipment
  • Hotel complex re-roofed
  • Oceanic Hotel porch doors swing corrected
  • Oceanic Hotel 2nd floor bathroom renovated
  • Re-shingled Newton, Baker, YPRU and Sprague
  • Replaced windows in Stone Village, Oceanic Hotel and cottages
  • Upgraded fire detection system
  • Life-safety and renovations to Cottage A
  • Upgrades to M/V Perseverance
  • Founders floors, doors and deck replacement

Looking To The Future

  • Dining Hall soundproofing
  • Cottage porch upgrades
  • IAB bathroom
  • Sandpiper bathroom
  • Lawrance bathroom
  • Oceanic 4th-floor bathroom
  • Oceanic 3rd-floor bathroom
  • Women’s showers

Men’s showers

Upgrades to kitchen

Underworld and Pel Hall upgrades

Restore $100,000 to Star Island reserve funds

$1.2 million planned for Trust