All Star 2 Family Conference 2022

July 10, 2022 to July 17, 2022

2022 Star Island Update

This year several different speakers will join us to speak on the theme of life’s turning points; how we navigate them, the insights we gain from them and how we build our lives and enrich our communities after working through the initial struggle. One speaker, a college athlete, lost the use of his legs in his 20’s and has become an Olympic contender in curling. Another has recently celebrated 31 years clean and sober. He mentors young adults in recovery. A third will speak about gender identity transition. We all make many transitions in our lives, big and small, and we hope to open a discussion about each person’s vision for what might be around the next bend in the road for each of us.


Youth Programming

Youth groups are scheduled Monday through Friday for children 0-18. Morning and afternoon sessions, each day for 1.5 hours each, except for one family fun day afternoon. Children’s groups row to Smuttynose island across the harbor, visit the Art barn and get a history tour at Vaughn cottage. Most groups tie dye, and visit the marine lab. High school students prepare a chapel service for all, and hide for the annual “Great People Hunt”

Theme Speakers

Steve Emt; Speaker, Author, Paralympian

Skip Kosciusko; Recovering Alcoholic, Young Adult Mentor

TBA; Speaking about Gender Transition

Minister of the Week

Reverend Megan Kelly-Gorman

Program Fee

$120 per adult, $105 per child under 18

Financial Aid

Ginny Levine Fund Scholarship

Room & Board

All Star 2 Standard Shared Standard Single Motel Shared Motel Single
Adult 18+ $1,072 $1,458 $1,320 $1,937


All Star 2 0-5 years old 6-11 12-17
Youth Rates Free $496 $710

Boat Schedule

Depart Portsmouth: 7/10: 2:25 pm

Depart Star: 7/17: 9:20 am


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