Family Constellations

August 4 - August 11

Family Constellations Week on Star: Portraits of the Healing MovementWe are excited to announce the first-ever Family Constellations Week on Star Island, in partnership with Star Gathering 2!
This week is hosted by Family Constellations facilitator Aitabé Fornés and photographer Stevie Rosenfeld. The question that inspires our collaboration is: How can we use photography to express the healing stories that arise from constellation work?Participants will engage in a variety of small and large group constellation processes to have a direct, embodied experience of what is needed for healing at the personal, ancestral, and collective levels. The constellations will be facilitated by Aitabé, a creative, sensitive, and highly skilled facilitator with over 10 years of experience with this process. Spending several days in the Field of Constellation Work will amplify your sense of presence and connection. You can expect to find yourself in greater contact with the forces of Love, with your ancestral and spiritual resources, and to feel a deep sense of connection with yourself, each other, and All-That-Is!
During the photography sessions, Stevie will provide prompts for inspired explorations with your smartphone camera to create visual diaries of the week.  Stevie will also be offering photography sessions with interested participants to co-create poetic portraits that reflect the spiritual and healing stories that emerge from the constellation experience.  Whether it be representational, symbolic, or metaphorical in nature, the work will portray the healing movements that unfold in this unique exploration of self-discovery, personal growth, and creative expression.  The week will end with an opportunity to share images that portray your Family Constellation experience as well as inspirational ways of using the camera as a means of self-expression.We look forward to welcoming you on Star for this very special week!Aitabé and Stevie

Program Fee

Full Week: $288 per adult (age 12+)

Room & Board

The rates below are per person for the full length of the conference.

Full Week:

Adults (18+) 

Standard Shared: $1,222 | Standard Single: $1,662

Motel Shared: $1,504 | Motel Single: $2,207 


Under 6: Free | 6-11 years: $565 | 12-17 years: $809 

Boat Schedule

To be announced.


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