Do It Yourself Experience: Share in the Wealth

June 15, 2019 to June 18, 2019

If you have an interest, passion, talent or ability that you’d like to share, this unique program provides that opportunity. Each participant creates and runs a one-hour presentation, workshop, activity or performance to share with the entire community. Presentations on science, history or art, musical performances, art & craft workshops, games, yoga, star-gazing – the sky’s the limit on what you may offer and in turn, experience from fellow participants.
How It Works: After you register for the DIY Experience, the program chair will contact you via email, asking you to provide a few sentences describing the session you would like to offer. You’ll have a week to provide your session description. The chair will organize the time that sessions are offered so that there is a variety of topics and session types within a day. Shortly before the DIY program, you’ll be assigned a day and time for your session. Participants who design sessions that involve materials may bring those materials for participants or charge a preapproved, per-person materials fee.
Join the DIY community – meet interesting people and discover new facets of those you may already know. Share the talent for a few wonderful summer days on Star Island, surrounded by the sea. Participants can choose to create and run a session or volunteer to organize one of the charming daily afternoon social hours or candlelit services in the historic stone chapel. There are infinite ways to play a part in the enriching and enchanting DYI program experience.

Program Leaders

Ann Beattie, Chair

Program Fee


Room & Board Rates

Adult 18+ Standard Shared Standard Single Motel Shared Motel Single
3-nights $477 $638 $586 $875

Ferry Schedule


Contact Conference Chair Ann Beattie