IRAS Lecture: The Unifying Potential of a God that is Real in the Scientific Universe


The scientific revolution of today is bringing us into harmony more rapidly than ever before. We have before us the possibility of a coherent and exciting Big Picture that lets us bring together our full selves – our emotions, our spiritual values, our growing scientific and historical knowledge, our origin story, and our sense of place in the universe. There is a radical way to re-envision God that supports, rather than thwarts, this harmony and might well unify humanity. Based on this Big Picture, I propose eight principles of a planetary-scale morality. There is no better time to do this than now. Today’s simultaneous sabotage of our country by our own government, widespread social upheaval, the global pandemic, a pending economic crash, have converged to shock the system as never before. Drastic change on a large scale is looking to many people not only possible but essential. Can we leave petty squabbles behind us? Can we envision a planetary Big Picture within which we can build a common future?