Morning Chapel with Mary Frances Comer – Hosted by Arts

June 22, 2020

Finding Your True North Part I: You Did Come Back…
8:00 AM EST

My, how the world has changed since we gathered on our magical island in June of 2019! We’ve counted the days to the moment of eagerly boarding the Thomas Laighton or The Uncle Oscar (or perhaps some lesser vessel in the case of late arrival). This year, there is no boat ride to take us back to our island home, but here we are today–separate, yet together. Even a pandemic cannot squelch the spirit of Star Island, and so our love for the Isle of Shoals and for one another calls us back again. Today we consider what it means to find our “true north” –that thing or place (a fixed point) that our internal compass draws us back to time and time again.

What is your fixed point in this constantly spinning world? Where is your internal compass leading you?