New England Heritage Illicit Goods: Piracy & Smuggling on the High Seas of New England

August 28 to August 31 or September 4

Please note: NEH has been postponed until August 28, 2021.

NEH, Highlights, 2020

Join in on an intellectual, swashbuckling adventure!

Plundering on the high seas has traditionally been viewed as unscrupulous villainy, unless authorized by the government, in which case operations were known by the more genteel name of privateering. Smuggling, or prohibited trafficking in wares, while illegal, allowed colonial trade to help establish our nation. Patriots or criminals? From 18th century privateering and piracy to 20th century rum-running, join the New England Heritage program on Star Island for a swashbuckling adventure in the intellectual and entertaining pursuit of New England’s history of acquiring illicit goods. Discover New England’s legacy of piracy and smuggling through lectures given by renown experts. Delve into workshops designed to enrich our understanding of the region’s dubious past. And, of course, spend a day dressed like a pirate at this enlightening summer camp for adults on beautiful, historic Star Island at the Isles of Shoals.

Minister of the Week

Reverend Gail Avery, Canon for Transition and Community Engagement in The Episcopal Church of New Hampshire


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