Painting with Bob Ross! – Hosted by Arts

June 24, 2020

Join us at 7:00 PM EST as we spend some time painting with the one and only, Bob Ross! We’ll be working on a beautiful Ocean Sunset together. Here is the materials list (suggested – you can use a canvas size of your choice and can use a paint medium of your choice – Bob is using oil paints)


Bob has prepped his canvas in advance – the top 1/3 he has coated in liquid white, and the bottom 2/3 he has coated in liquid clear. Both of these layers are applied in advance so that the canvas is dry when colors are added. Visual example is below.

*18×24 canvas

*titanium white

*phthalo blue

*Prussian blue

*midnight black

*dark sienna

*van dyke brown

*alizarin crimson

*cadmium yellow

*yellow ochre

*indian yellow

*bright red

*if using oils, solvent to clean brushes

*multiple brushes in sizes of your choice (Bob uses a 2″ brush for most of this painting, along with one that is a little larger and a few that are smaller)

*paper towels, water, and a painting rag are always helpful to wipe those brushes off and be ready for spills!

Have fun!! When we’re complete, we can all share our paintings virtually!