Watercolor Intensive: Abstracting Water, Earth, Fire and Air

July 13, 2019 to July 19, 2019

Abstracting Water, Earth, Fire and Air

Program Instructor: Julia Morgan
Poised on the edges of earth and the sea, the artists of Star Island witness the ever-changing skies and daily sun arcing up and over the vast horizon line. The clarity of light and form out on the island encourages a letting go of visual clutter. We witness daily an underlying abstraction of shape, color, pattern and light.

In this workshop we will work with principles of abstraction while allowing close observation of visual phenomenon to guide us.  We will explore the paradox that in order to find the form of something you first have to lose it. Rather than being limited by the need to represent or illustrate a scene, we will endeavor to express it.

We will also have a workshop in creating the space in our off-island life to continue our artistic practice, to help us find and hold the poetry of everyday life with a guest workshop leader Holly Wren Spaulding.

The workshop is a full week from Saturday to Friday. We will have a designated art studio space for our use 24/7. The conference includes, morning watercolor sessions, afternoon drawing workshops, guest workshop, evening activities as well as relaxing into island life. The conference fee for the week is $285. Room and Board reservations and costs are arranged through Star Island.

Program Fee


Room & Board Rates

These rates include lodging, meals, and ferry transportation.

Watercolor Standard Shared Standard Single Motel Shared Motel Single
Adult 18+ $879 $1189 $1,083 $1,584

Ferry Schedule

Saturday, July 13

2:25 pm Thomas Laighton Depart Portsmouth

Friday, July 19

3:15 pm Thomas Laighton Depart Star


Contact Conference Chair Julia Morgan