Yoga in ME

August 26, 2019 to August 28, 2019

Where is your attention now?

Join us on Star Island for this unique opportunity to deepen your practice, release your daily cares, and get your attention in the present moment.

Star Island produces all its own water, electricity (through both solar and diesel generators), and some produce. The island has its own septic treatment plant, one of the few capable of handling salt water, and a reverse osmosis water purification system for converting sea water to drinking water.

Their focus on environmental sustainability is aligned with yogic principles of non-violence – making this the ideal setting to renew, refresh, and cultivate mindfulness as part of our everyday lives.

Program Fee

Early Registration by April 15: $147/$97 YIM Members
After April 15:  $197/$137 YIM Members

Room & Board Rates

Yoga in ME Standard Shared Standard Single Motel Shared Motel Single
Adult 18+ $367 $486 $449 $638

Ferry Schedule

Monday, August 26

2:25 pm Thomas Laighton Depart Portsmouth

Wednesday, August 28

11:45 am Challenger Depart Star


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