Young Adults Conference 2022

June 19 or June 22 to June 26

2022 Star Island Update

The Young Adults Conference (YAC) is an intentional community of creative and dynamic people in our first decades of adult independence, committed to learning, growing, and celebrating together. YAC plays a unique role in the Star Island community by acting as a bridge between the Star Island youth groups, the Star Island Pelican community and the family conferences. YAC’s mission is to cultivate deep personal and spiritual relationships while providing an experience that is a unique combination of a summer camp, an experimental community and a spiritual retreat. In many ways, being at YAC on Star Island is like living in the world one wants, where we can find meaningful connections, engage in deep discussions, live in our values, care for (and be cared for by) our community, and exist as our true and awesome selves, all while having a ridiculous fun time and wild adventures on our special island. With our theme, “Practicing for the World We Want” we aim to balance the timely necessities of working towards a more just and safe world for all, creating fulfilling lives for ourselves, and giving our hearts, bodies, and minds the rest they desperately need. We will engage in programming rooted in Star Island’s Beloved Community guidebook, hold space for reflection and sharing during small group discussions and sundown sessions before chapel worship, and offer physical rejuvenation through the practices of yoga, meditation, and the exploration of Star Island’s natural beauty. In the evenings, we share stories and gaze at the stars, watch a movie on rock blankets, dance to live music and sing by a bonfire’s light. We would love to have you join us this summer!


Youth Programming

Conferees are welcome to bring their children under the age of 6, but there is no YAC programming specifically for children.

Minister of the Week


Program Fee

$125 (7-nights), $100 (4-nights), and $25 per person per night for COG (Conference Overnight Guests)

Room & Board


Shared: $618

Single: $825


Shared: $1,012

Single: $1,367

Financial Aid

YAC participates in Star Island’s shared application process for financial aid and scholarships. Please fill out the application form before May 1, 2022 to get the best possible aid available ( If you have questions, please contact YAC’s Registrar at

Boat Schedule

Depart Portsmouth:  7-night: 6/19 2:25 pm, 4-night: 6/22 11:25 am

Depart Star: 6/26: 9:20 am


Contact Liz Bergstrom