Star Island Events

We are excited to offer fun and fascinating events, on and off island throughout the year.

Please check here for updates on our offerings.

Starry Night, Star Island’s annual fall fundraiser, will be held virtually this year. We’re excited to host an online auction in addition to a presentation by Star Island winter caretaker, Alexandra de Steiguer.

The auction will open on Friday, November 13 and close on November 21 at 9:00 pm.

Click here to access and bid on the many extraordinary auction items.

Alexandra de Steiguer will be presenting via Zoom on November 21 at 6:00 pm.

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Very Private Thoughts – A Winter Journal 

When it comes to privacy, few situations offer more to a private person than a solo sojourn on a winter island.  But something must be done with the thousands of thoughts that come to such a person, though they may be flying lightly through as if carried in the wind or landing hard like rocks washed up on the rocky shore by seas powerful and unsubtle.

Whether light and flighty or solid with insight, journal musings aren’t really intended for an audience. But such is the nature of our shared human experience that we must occasionally marvel at how we are all thinking along the same lines, that we stand agape with wonder at the same scenes, and stumble into meaningful moments when we had only set pen to paper for a little amusement.

We’re all missing the peace and beauty of Star Island this year.  To facilitate a feeling of “being there” Alex will present moments from an island missing its people, conveyed in images, music and selected excerpts from her private winter journal.  Disclaimer: Alex likes to note that both her journal and her temperament range wildly between substance and silly, so come prepared.

Star Island’s caretaker for the past 23 winters, Alex resides there with many wild beings, feathered, furred and seal-slick that live among these islands.  Between all the holding down, digging out, lashing-in-place and generally seeing to the needs of the buildings and grounds, she makes black & white images with an old film camera, writes, and creates music.

Thank you to our 2020 Starry Night Sponsors!