Star Island Events

We are excited to offer fun and fascinating events, on and off island throughout the year

Robert’s Maine Grill Community Suppers

November 27 & December 4 

You’re invited to this year’s gatherings at Robert’s Maine Grill in support of Star Island. 

Robert’s Maine Grill has once again chosen Star Island as a recipient for their Community Dinner Program. On November 27 & December 4 a portion of all proceeds from 4:00 PM to close will be donated to Star Island. We are grateful to have been selected again this year! We’ll see you there!


Please join us on Saturday, November 17 for another exciting gathering at this year’s Starry Night, Star Island’s annual fall fundraiser! 

Food & Drink – Live Music – Silent Auction

Register Here

Bringing Light to the Depths of the Ocean

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Erik Cordes, Associate Professor, Vice Chair of the Department of Biology at Temple University, and Star Island Board Member, will be discussing his cutting edge research on deep sea ecology and the impacts of humans on our oceans. We can’t wait to learn about this important work, how it’s making the world a better place, and what we can do to help.

Be sure to check out this recent Huffington Post feature about his recent discovery: 

The deep ocean is under increasing pressure from human economic and industrial development, and yet it remains largely unexplored. This exploration is central to the research in the Cordes lab, and is primarily motivated by the conservation of these habitats. Studies include the effects of ocean acidification on deep-sea corals, impacts of oil drilling on the deep sea, the influence of natural hydrocarbon seepage on deep-sea ecosystems, and the ecology of seamounts. Translating this research into a message that can be grasped by the public is critical to making these ecosystems priorities for conservation. This will be a discussion of the science of deep-sea exploration and research, but will also focus on how this work has been communicated to both the general public and the decision makers who are incorporating it into policy.

Dr. Cordes is an Associate Professor and Vice Chair of the Department of Biology at Temple University. He received his Masters degree from Moss Landing Marine Labs on Monterey Bay, his Ph.D. from Penn State University and was a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard University. He has worked on the ecology of the deep sea for over 20 years, spending over a year at sea on over 30 research cruises and making over 40 dives in manned submersibles. His work is centered around the ability of organisms to shape their environment and increase biodiversity, but has increasingly become focused on the impacts of humans in the deep sea. Dr. Cordes is among the Pool of Experts for the ongoing UN World Ocean Assessment, the Chair of the Oil & Gas Working Group of the Deep Ocean Stewardship Initiative, and on the Board of Directors of the Star Island Corporation.

Some of his recent work can be found here:

Star Island would like to thank our 2018 Starry Night Sponsors!