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Shoaler Voices

Frequent Traveler Returns Every Year

by Betty Olivolo, Natural History Week Why do I keep coming back to Star Island year after year? Why is it my favorite place on Earth? Great question, and I first have to say that I love to travel—I’ve been to all the continents except Antarctica! And if you had asked me a dozen or… Read more >

Conference Updates

2014 Program Calendar – Early Release

If you are anything like us, you’re probably already looking forward to summer 2014. But when should you visit Star Island next summer? Here’s the answer: all the time. Okay, so maybe you have your traditional week or two for visiting and you’d like to know when those are? Easy. Here are the dates for… Read more >

Conference Updates

September Midweek Programs Offer Relaxation

As September’s cool, brisk air navigates the transition between summer and autumn, Star Island plays host to mid-week gatherings with an unstructured design. Geared towards a grown-up crowd with a penchant for relaxing, or simply needing a break from the bustle of mainland life, Midweek 1 and Midweek 2 provide just that. Rocking chairs on… Read more >

Conference Updates

Historic Star to Meet Queen Victoria

Meet Queen Victoria on Star Island during the Historic Star Conference, taking place from August 24 to August 31 at the Isles of Shoals. As part of the living history programs offered, historian Sally Mummey will portray her royal highness in full regalia, drawing on the monarch’s letters and diaries for conversation. As participants explore… Read more >

Conference Updates

Mindful Health Early Bird Discount

Register for Mindful Health by August 6 to receive 50% off room and board for this new program focused on healthy living at any age. Mindful Health takes place from Sunday, September 8 to Thursday, September 12 and is coordinated by Dr. Lisa Nelson of the Kirpalu Healthy Living Program and Carrie Tyler of Rasamaya… Read more >