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Star Island Corporation

Summer 2014 Sustainability Internships

Your favorite color doesn’t have to be green, but that would be rather awesome. Star Island is looking for people to fill two new internships starting in 2014. Both internships will work under the auspices of the Green Gosport Initiative and interact with guests and staff to further develop our understanding of island systems, and… Read more >


Staff Celebrate Garden Harvest

If you’ve been following us on twitter or instagram, you know that the Pelicans — our summer staff — have been working really hard on gardening this year. Rachel Worthington, our Sustainability Pelican, reports that we have harvested 300 pounds of produce so far this summer. She is hoping this year’s total yield will be… Read more >

On the Island

Green Gosport Initiative a Success

With a focus on energy, waste, food and education, Star Island succeeded in the first year of the Green Gosport Initiative. Facilities Superintendent Jack Farrell announced the measured progress Star Island has taken. “Our vibrant Star Island community came together this past summer to remarkably reduce our waste and increase our efficiencies.” Star’s push towards… Read more >