Gosport Regatta Media Guide Released

August 19th, 2014

The 2014 Gosport Regatta Media Guide was recently released throughout the Seacoast region. The guide provides information about the 2014 Gosport Regatta, including ticket prices.

View the 2014 Gosport Regatta Media Guide

Inside the media guide you’ll find stories about Star Island’s sustainability initiatives, plans for the purchase of a tender to ferry between boats in Gosport Harbor to Star Island, background information about the Piscataqua Sailing Association (the Gosprot Regatta’s co-organizer), the menu for the Regatta weekend, pictures of 2013 Gosport Regatta winners, and more.

The Gosport Regatta is an historical race with ties to the famed racing vessel America. As Star Island and the Piscataqua Sailing Association continue this historic race, we also invite people to reflect on other Isles of Shoals history including the 400th Anniversary of Capt. John Smith’s mapping of New England. Read about Smith’s fascinating tale in the Media Guide.

Click here to learn more about the Gosport Regatta, including an overnight option.

Giving Matters to Star Island

August 17th, 2014

Giving Matters to Star Island, one of the Isles of Shoals located about an hour’s boat ride from Portsmouth, NH. People give to Star Island in so many ways, which helps support our mission of maintaing Star Island as a center for religious, education, and kindred purposes consistent with the principles of the Unitarian Universalist Association and the United Church of Christ.

Listen to Star Island’s story on New Hampshire Public Radio’s Giving Matters segment from Saturday, August 16 by clicking here.

Star Island thanks Former Board President Brad Greeley for sharing his story with NHPR’s Giving Matters.

Click here to listen

Star Island’s September Midweeks Provide Relaxing Opportunity

August 13th, 2014

Couples Retreat Profile

As early September navigates the transition between summer and autumn, Star Island plays host to mid-week gatherings with an unstructured design.

Register for Midweek 1 – Sept. 9/1-5

Register for Midweek 2 – Sept. 9/8-12

Geared towards a grown-up crowd with a penchant for relaxing, or simply needing a break from the bustle of mainland life, Midweek 1 and Midweek 2 provide just that. Rocking chairs on the front porch beckon an early riser to sit down and sip a cup of coffee while looking out over the front lawn. Afer the sun rises, wiggle into a row boat for a voyage around Gosport Harbor. Stop on Smuttynose Island for a short jaunt around the third largest of the Isles of Shoals. Back on Star, gather with others at lunch for a warming meal. Enjoy a conversation with a new friend as community highlights any stay on Star Island. Before dinner, investigate all the nooks on island. From historic graveyards to the Art Barn, Star Island public spaces are open for exploration.

Evening chapel services punctuate the night before guests are lulled to sleep by the sounds of waves lapping against Star Island’s rocky shore.

Register online today for eitehr Midweek 1 or Midweek 2 and find Star Island to be New England’s unique summer island.

Star Island Staff Help Distressed Boat in Gosport Harbor

August 9th, 2014

Four Star Island staff members sprang into action Friday morning when a distress call from a lobstering vessel was heard at 8:45 AM over marine radio.

Waterfront Services Manager Keith Oshel and Deckhand Rich Kunz, approached the distressed vessel aboard one of Star Island’s inflattable boats with a fire extinguisher in hand. After assessing the situation, Oshel boarded the distressed boat, handed over the extinguisher, and stayed on board to provide assistance as needed.

Star Island’s Logistics Manager Tim O’Connor and deckhand Brenda Bladen, approached the distressed vessl in the M/V Perservearance and towed the distressed boat to a mooring.

By approximately 9:15, two US Coast Guard vessels were on scene and took control of the scene.

Star Island Featured on WMUR’s NH Chronicle

August 2nd, 2014

Star Island, one of the Isles of Shoals, is the featured host location for WMUR Channel 9′s New Hampshire Chronicle episdoes airing during the week of August 4 through 8.

During each half-hour episode of NH Chronicle that week, the hosts will broadcast from one of several locations on Star Island including the Oceanic Hotel front porch, the Rutledge Marine Lab, and the Gosport Chapel.

Star Island will also be the focus of a special segment during the Tuesday, August 5 episode. This piece will feature island staff and guests including CEO Joe Watts, Facilities Director & Island Manager Jack Farrell, and Program & Outreach Coordinator Kyle Belmont.

A link will be provided shortly for a video of the Star Island segment.

We hope you can tune in all week to see the summer island you love.

Scenes from the television shoot:
Chronicle Shoot 1-1

Chronicle Shoot 4-1

Chronicle Shoot 5-5

Star Island 2015

July 18th, 2014

Star Island Aerial Front

Here it is the middle of the summer, and we’re already looking forward to next year. Set your calendars now for your Star Island trip in 2015.

Here are the dates for our 7-night programs in 2015:

  • Star Arts – Saturday, June 20 to Saturday, June 27
  • Natural History Week – Saturday, June 27 to Saturday, July 4
  • Youth Empowerment and Spirituality – Saturday, June 27 to Saturday, July 4
  • All Star 1 – Saturday, July 4 to Saturday, July 11
  • All Star 2 – Saturday, July 11 to Saturday, July 18
  • Lifespan Religious Education – Saturday, July 18 to Saturday, July 25
  • International Affairs – Saturday, July 25 to Saturday, August 1
  • Star Gathering UCC 1 – Saturday, August 1 to Saturday, August 8
  • Star Gathering UCC 2 – Saturday, August 8 to Saturday, August 15
  • Life on a Star 1 – Saturday, August 15 to Saturday, August 22
  • Life on a Star 2 – Saturday, August 22 to Saturday, August 29
  • Star Island Experience Week – Saturday, August 29 to Saturday, September 5
  • Historic Star Conference – Saturday, August 29 to Saturday, September 5

Online registration will start in early January. Check throughout the winter for more information.

Oh, you can’t wait until next year to see Star Island? Enjoy Star Island this summer in two ways:

  1. If you’ve already attended or will attend a summer 2014 program, come back for Historic Star, Star Island Experience Week, Conversations in Creativity, or Meditation Retreat II and receive 30% off your room and board. Click here to learn more about this discount.
  2. September Midweeks are a great time to enjoy the natural beauty of Star Island. Click here to learn about Midweek 1. Click here to learn about Midweek 2.

Staying on Star Island

July 16th, 2014

Star Island welcomes everyone to come out for a stay during the summer, and we realize that travelling on a boat to a remote island can be a bit of a question mark for some. There’s a lot to wonder about, and questions may pop up in your mind like, “What if I forget my toothbrush?”

Well, we don’t want you to worry about anything. And while there are some things we can’t control, like the weather, there’s a lot of information we can share with you. Our Better Living on Star Island booklets, which can be found in each guest room on island, provide useful information for people sleeping overnight on Star Island for the first time, or someone who has been travelling to Star for years.

Click here to download Better Living on Star Island

And here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

  • So, where do we stay on Star Island? That’s pretty simple. There’s a gigantic hotel built in 1875 called the Oceanic that most people stay in. There is also an old boarding house called Gosport that is generally used for youth housing. Guests also may stay in one of several cottages which date back to the original fishing village of the 18th century. One might also find themselves in what we call a “motel unit” which are limited in number. Motel units feature two twin beds in each room, and a private 1/2 bathroom.
  • So, do I bring my sleeping bag? While you’re more than welcome to pack your own sleeping bag and pillow, Star Island provides each room with clean linens, pillows, and towels. If you ever need an extra blanket, or more pillows, just stop by the front desk in the Oceanic Hotel.
  • Do you serve meals out there? Oh do we ever. Meals are included in the room price, so don’t worry about having a dinner bill every night. All meals are served in the large dining hall off the lobby of the Oceanic Hotel. Most meals are served family style with people sitting 10 to a table. Other meals are served buffet style. Meals always have a vegetarian option. If you have any questions about food, especially in regards to important diets or allergies, please contact our food service manager by email hidden; JavaScript is required.
  • What happens if I forget my toothbrush? There’s a store located in the lobby which sells sundries like toothbrushes, sunscreen, and batteries.
  • How does one get to Star Island? Simple, by boat! The Thomas Laighton leaves out of Portsmouth, NH, and the Uncle Oscar leaves out of Rye, NH. If you’re attending a summer program on Star Island you are most likely taking the Thomas Laighton and your program/conference leader will contact you with boat times and other important information.

Have more questions? Contact our office at email hidden; JavaScript is required and you’ll hear from one of our staff members to help.

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Star Island is one of the rocky, wind-swept Isles of Shoals, located off the coast of Rye, New Hampshire. For over 100 years, summers here have provided individuals and families with a welcome respite from their busy mainland lives.

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