The Star Island Arts Group is open to any member of the Star Island community.

The purposes of the group are to:

  • foster communication and support between Star Island artists and to promote Star Island art and artists,
  • assist in the maintenance of the Art Barn,
  • raise funds for Star Island.

Communication, support and promotion will be fostered through the Star Island web site, an e-mail list, Facebook or other social media and through island conferences.


Eighteen people are currently listed in the group and a number of other people have expressed interest. You can create an album under your name and upload photos of your art work.

The Art Barn is an important resource for adult and children’s art programming, and a potential focal point for Star Island artists. The Star Island Art Group will assist the staff and conferences in maintaining and improving the facility. A group of individuals from All Star 2 completed a major renovation of the Art Barn in the spring of 2013. The goal now is to find a volunteer from each conference who will take responsibility for the Art Barn during their conference. Another volunteer opportunity would be to sort through the art materials in the Art Barn, remove unnecessary materials and create a list of new materials that would be useful to have.

Many artists already support Star Island by donating art to conference art auctions, which in turn support scholarships or other activities. The Star Island Art Group could expand this support by contributing additional art for sale. The primary focus at this time is to sell art through the Star Island Gift Shop operated by the Isles of Shoals Association UU. Art would be sold using the normal consignment procedures of the Gift Shop. The artist would get 60% of the sale price and the Association 40% (unless the artist decided to contribute a higher percentage), which would go to benefit Star Island. Protocols must still be developed for how art works would be selected, priced and displayed. All unsold items would have to be collected by the artist at the end of the season.

Goals for 2014 include: adding more contacts to the Facebook page, adding a link to the Art Group on the Star Island web site, finding volunteers in each conference to monitor the Art Barn during their conference, and establishing protocols for selling art through the Gift Shop.

If you are interested in the group please let me know and pass this on to others in the Star Island community who may be interested.

In Star Spirit,

Roger Kellman, All Star 2 and SIC member