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 Staff Members

Kate Brady

Office Manager - E-mail

Mike Bray

Information Services Manager/Island Registrar - E-mail

John Bynum

Island Manager/Food Service Manager - E-mail

Tim Dullea

Information Technology Manager - E-mail

Kelly Dwyer

Finance Coordinator - E-mail

Lindsey Greene

Administrative Assistant - E-mail

Sophia Lyons

Island Minister - E-mail

Justina Maji

Justina Maji, Conference Center Director

Conference Center Director - E-mail

Ally Miner

Community Relations Manager - E-mail

Kristen Simard

Environmental Services Manager - E-mail

Peter Squires

Director of Development - E-mail

Joe Watts

Chief Executive Officer - E-mail

Board Members

Tom Coleman

Tom Coleman

President - E-mail

Debbie Duval

Deborah Rogers Duval, President, Star Island United Church of Christ, Inc.

Vice President

Jeff Loewer


Arlyn Weeks


Kyle Belmont

Board Member

Tricia Coleman

Board Member

Rev. Dr. Leon Dunkley

Board Member

Liz Erickson

Board Member

Lucia Green-Weiskel

Board Member

Tom Kennedy

Board Member

Keri Mattaliano

Keri Mattaliano, SIUCC President

President - SIUCC

Topher Soltys

Board Member

Louise Williams





Board Member