We’re proud to take care of your Spirit’s Home!

 Staff Members

Kate Brady

Office Manager - E-mail

Mike Bray

Information Services Manager/Island Registrar - E-mail

John Bynum

Island Manager/Food Service Manager - E-mail

Tim Dullea

Information Technology Manager - E-mail

Kelly Dwyer

Finance Coordinator - E-mail

Lindsey Greene

Administrative Assistant - E-mail

Justina Maji

Justina Maji, Conference Center Director

Conference Center Director - E-mail

Ally Miner

Community Relations Manager - E-mail

Kristen Simard

Environmental and Facilities Operations Manager - E-mail

Peter Squires

Director of Development - E-mail

Joe Watts

Chief Executive Officer - E-mail

Board Members

Rev. Debbie Duval

President - E-mail

Jeff Loewer

Acting Vice President, Treasurer

Arlyn Weeks


Kyle Belmont

Board Member

Tricia Coleman

President - ISA(UU)

Rev. Dr. Leon Dunkley

Board Member

Liz Erickson

Board Member

Lucia Green-Weiskel

Board Member

Tom Kennedy

Board Member

Keri Mattaliano

Keri Mattaliano, SIUCC President

President - SIUCC

April Rosario

Board Member

Topher Soltys

Board Member

Louise Williams





Board Member