Star Island 2018 Video

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The following videos were produced and edited by longtime Shoaler and videographer Sara Schoman, who has also shared some notes about their production. Each video can play right in your browser, and right-clicking the direct download link and choosing Save As (or your browser equivalent) allows you to save them for offline viewing on your computer.

“The Shoalers who agreed to be interviewed recounted the importance of Star Island in their lives. Despite their vastly different interests and life situations, it was fascinating to hear how much their sentiments mirrored each other. The word “magic” was mentioned several times, along with beautiful, peaceful, community, and life-changing.”

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“The photographs are what made it possible to create videos during the off-season. I could feel the wonder as I looked at them. It was difficult to choose which to use, and there were many others I wish I could have included. The good news is that all the images were donated by professional and lay photographers for use by the Star Island Corporation. Hopefully, more will be shared in future projects.”

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“Each person was interviewed for 20 minutes or more. That means only a small fraction of their comments are heard in these three, intentionally short videos. Selecting the interview segments, and then reviewing more than 600 photographs to use in combination — let’s just say that it was time-consuming and I loved every minute of it!”

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“While credits are included at the end of each video, it is especially important to thank the professional photographers who donated their photos: Sean D. Elliot, Peter Randall, and Alex Wolff. I also want to thank Peter Vandermark, a partner of the project’s videographer, William C. Rogers. Peter is a former Pelican! He generously volunteered to help with the set-up and break-down of equipment. And THEN, he let me use his computer to do all the editing!”

– Sara Schoman