Spring Volunteer Weekends

Thanks for your interest in spring volunteering on Star Island! We couldn’t open up the island without all our hard-working volunteers.

The 2022 spring volunteer application will be available in March 2022.

Volunteer Position Descriptions

Housekeeping and Cleaning 

Housekeeping is one of the largest areas of need on the island. Our Living and Public Spaces crew (LPS!) needs help dusting, sweeping, mopping, and washing walls, windows, and furniture.


Grounds work includes mowing the lawn, killing poison ivy, and simple landscaping work. Assisting our groundskeeper may require use of power equipment for mowing and weed whacking.

Food Service  

Volunteer weekends keep our kitchen and dining spaces busy! Each weekend our food service staff could use help with food prep, dish washing, meal set-up, making coffee, and other cooking and cleaning tasks.

Moving & Hauling 

If you choose this work, you might be helping the truck crew move the food from the dock to the kitchen, for example. There is always a lot of work requiring strength on the island!

Do you have professional skills you’d like to share?

Some of the work we need help with is more specialized, like painting, chair caning, gardening carpentry, maintenance, and information technology projects. Please let us know on your volunteer application if you have experience in these areas and would like to help out!

Important Information to Consider  

  • Star Island spring volunteer work weekends are physical in nature. Requirements can include, but are not limited to, lifting up to 50 pounds at a time. If you have difficulties with climbing stairs or lifting objects, consider volunteering in the summer when we have less physically demanding work available for volunteers, and are just as thankful for the extra help!
  • In the spring, winterized systems are not yet up and running, and facilities are limited. If this is outside of your comfort zone, you may be happier volunteering on Star during the conference season.
  • Star Island is a small island in a remote location with access only by boat. Although there is a first aid station on the island, it is equipped for only basic emergency and first aid treatment and may not be staffed at all times.
  • Safe and legal use of alcohol is an essential part of the community we are creating on Star Island. If you are 21 years of age, you are committing to the following –  1.) Responsible/safe alcohol consumption 2.) Never providing an underage person with alcohol (to do so = immediate dismissal). Do not apply to volunteer on Star Island if you are unwilling to 100% commit to these rules.
  • While there will be time to relax and socialize in the evening, you should come prepared to put in 8 hours of old-fashioned hard work each day.
  • All volunteers must be at least 18 years old.
  • We seek people who want to give something back to the island they love. This is no vacation, but is a wonderful way to experience Star Island with others who share that love.

Fill out the Spring volunteer application or Email volunteer@starisland.org if you are interested in helping out!

Star Island depends on dedicated volunteers who love the island to keep it well-maintained. We deeply appreciate your interest in volunteering, and hope to see you at Star Island!