Beloved Community Project

The Star Island Beloved Community Project is a journey SIC has begun as an organization to create a more inclusive and intentional community, to help spread more empathy and understanding in the world, and to become a more welcoming place for all people. We recognize and affirm that many have been on this journey for a long time, and we are excited to listen and learn as we begin this initiative.

The first publication of the Star Island Beloved Community Project, It Is Time Now: Offerings from the Star Island Beloved Community Project, was released at the Annual Meeting of the Corporation on May 4, 2019. Copies will be freely available on the island throughout the 2019 conference season. We hope visitors will pick up a copy in the Oceanic Hotel lobby and support our efforts to reflect on how we can effectively and meaningfully oppose and dismantle white supremacist culture and build a more just, loving, and joyful world.

A digital copy of It Is Time Now is available here.

We are deeply thankful for all who participated in the first meeting of Star Island’s Beloved Community Project in August of 2018 and contributed to the publication of It Is Time Now: Offerings from the Star Island Beloved Community Project. 

Rev. Wendy Bartel

Rev. Eric Cherry

Rev. Patrice Curtis

Rev. Dr. Leon Dunkley

Rev. Lynn Gardner

Ruth Idakula

Rev. Chris Jablonski

Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker

Rev. Lauren Smith

Rev. Deanna Vandiver