Life on Star Island is comfortable, but not modern in part due to our commitment to conservation of resources. Living quarters in the main hotel and cottages have shared bathroom facilities for each floor. Each bed is provided with sheets, blankets, and a pillow. Extra blankets and pillows are available upon request. Each room is also supplied with a washcloth, hand towel, bath towel, and small bar of soap for each person.

Adult rates are per person and determined by room type. Youth rates are determined by age regardless of room type.

From June through August we house families with children under eight in the same general area and offer a child monitoring service from 8 to 11 p.m

Standard Shared Rooms

Standard rooms are located throughout the Oceanic Hotel and cottages. Rooms have two or more twin beds for shared occupancy. Some rooms, limited in number, have double (full-sized) beds. Guests staying in standard rooms share restrooms located centrally on each floor of a building. Shower facilities are located in the Oceanic Hotel.

Standard Single Rooms

Single rooms, located in the Oceanic Hotel and cottages, are limited in number and are charged accordingly. Guests choosing the single room have access to shared restrooms located centrally on each floor of a building. Shower facilities are located in the Oceanic Hotel.

Motel Units

Double rooms in the Motel Units are separate from the main hotel. Choosing an upgrade to a Motel Unit includes private restrooms connected to each room. Shower facilities are located in the Oceanic Hotel or in Cottage A for those needing a more accessible space. Motel Units are reserved for adults.

Special Accommodations

Overnight accommodations are available for mobility-impaired individuals. If you have accessibility concerns, we suggest that you check with the island registrar or conference registrar to see if our facilities will accommodate your needs. If you need accommodations on a first floor or near a bathroom, or require an electrical outlet for a medical device, please indicate such on your registration form.

While Star Island does not guarantee availability of any specific rooms or room types, priority is given to those with self-identified accessibility or medical needs. The assignment of accessibility rooms, first-floor rooms and motel units will be prioritized based on a variety of factors including but not limited to, communication of need, availability of accommodations, and registration date.

Pets: Conferees and guests are not permitted to have pets on Star Island. Service animals are welcomed, but we ask that you provide us with advanced notice by contacting Justina Maji, Conference Center Director (

Water for bathing is provided by the rainwater cistern; showers are available every-other-day.

Keys & Locks

There are no locks for most of the sleeping quarters, and conferees are not furnished with keys. This is a safety measure in the event of a fire and to prevent children from locking themselves in a room. There is a locked closet in Newton Centre, and its key can be picked up at the Front Desk by the appropriate conference staff at the beginning of the week and returned to the Front Desk before leaving the island.