Registration Information

Online Registration

To register, click the button below to choose a conference from the list on this page:

Conference Listings

Paper Registration

Registering by mail is also an option. Click here to download and then print our paper registration form. Mailing instructions are on the form.

Registration Costs

When you register you are required to submit a deposit which includes the entire program fee for your chosen program and a room and board deposit. The room and board deposit is $200 per person 6 years or older attending a program of 5 or more nights and $100 per person 6 years or older attending a program 4 or fewer nights. The remaining balance is paid on island by the end of your stay.

Minor Medical Release Form

If youth under the age of eighteen are attending a program on Star Island without their parents or legal guardians, a minor medical release form is required. Click here to download a minor medical release form.


If you have questions about registering, please email for more information.



Rates are found on each individual conference listing. Please click here for the conference list. Room and board rates do not include conference program fees, which are unique to each conference and are set by the leadership of individual conferences. Standard rooms are in the Oceanic Hotel, Gosport Building, or Cottages with shared half-bathroom. Motel units are rooms in Founders, Sprague, YPRU or Baker with en-suite half-bathroom.

About our Rates and Financial Grants

What does Room and Board pay for?

Room and board only covers two-thirds of our annual operating costs. In addition to the expected expenses (food, payroll, linens, maintenance) there are also “off grid” expenses required to host conferences in such a beautiful, rugged, and remote location, such as generating electricity and treating all wastewater…


Our Commitment to Financial Accessibility

We don’t want the price of the Star Island experience to prevent people from coming to Star Island. If you are on the fence about coming to the island for financial reasons, we actively encourage you to apply for a financial grant.

To help everyone in this process and to make all of our costs transparent, we have developed a Star Island Cost Calculator.

Star Island Corporation is a nonprofit organization, and we rely on tax deductible charitable donations. Donations to the Annual Fund help to fund our Financial Grants Program, and we encourage those who can comfortably pay full room and board fees to also consider an extra donation this year as a way of “paying it forward.”

Financial Grants

Applications to the Star Island Financial Grants Program are held in strictest confidence and reviewed only by the Star Island Financial Grant Committee, the Conference's Financial Aid Committee (with your permission), and the Island Registrar. Please contact the island registrar with questions.

Fill out the Finacial Grant Application Form and your application will be reviewed for a grant from all available sources.

Application deadlines are as follow:

Conference Start Date Application Due Decisions Emailed By
Before August 25, 2024 April 15 May 15
On or after August 25, 2024 July 1 July 15


Financial Grant Application


Please consider the following when applying for grants

  • Financial grants typically will only cover a portion of room and board, not the full amount.  Also, grants do not cover any programming fees required by the conference.
  • Financial grant applicants are encouraged to register for the conference they wish to attend. However, if doing so presents a financial hardship, we do not require that you do so.**
  • When applicable, grant applications will be considered by both the Star Island Corporation and the conference grant programs.  You may be awarded a grant from both the conference and SIC based on your need.
  • There is no limit on how many years you can apply.   

**If you choose not to register in advance, please let us know so we can work to ensure a space remains available at the conference.  Contact the Island Registrar at and let them know your name and the conference you hope to attend.


Information about Conference Scholarship Programs

Information about the individual conference scholarship programs can be found here.  The majority of these use the shared application found above.

If your conference is not on the list, you can still fill out the Financial Grant Application Form and be considered for a grant from the Star Island Corporation - if there is a separate application form for your conference below, you can also fill that out.

ISAUU Grants to UU Religious Professionals

Financial grants are available through the Isles of Shoals Association Unitarian Universalist (ISAUU) for Unitarian Universalist Religious Professionals who have never attended a Star Island conference. More information about the ISAUU’s Religious Professionals Grant Program can be found at