Donate Items

Because of Star Island’s limited resources and commitment to sustainable practices, we welcome the donation of items you may no longer have use for. If you have a specific item you wish to donate, please contact Justina Maji, Conference Center Director, to see if it is something we could put to good use.


Around the house

  • Twin and double white sheets
  • Twin and double solid colored sheets
  • Any towels
  • Standard curtain rods
  • Blankets
  • Pillows
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Lawn equipment especially weed whackers, and shears
  • Graco “Pack n’ Play” cribs
  • Flashlights
  • Dressers and other furniture
  • Snorkeling Gear
  • Sheet Music
  • Toys for youth spaces: Legos, Farm toys, Playmobile, Small trucks/cars, Dinosaurs, Plastic food, Large trucks, Sand toys

Donate Your Unwanted Vehicle

Have a great car you canít sell because of mechanical problems? Donít trade it in for next to nothing! Donate it to Star Island. It can be worth more to you than the dealer offers in trade in. Itís easy, tax deductible and best of all, it will provide Star Island with funds to help us accomplish our mission.


Around your place of work

  • Computers – Laptops or Towers purchased after 2005.
  • Flat Panel LCD Monitors
  • Laser printers (please no Ink or Desk Jets)
  • Foodservice grade stainless steel tables and shelves
  • Tool chests with drawers
  • 18V Makita lithium ion cordless equipment (sawzalls, flashlights, and drills preferred)
  • Good condition hand tools (hammers, saws, wrenches etc) especially socket sets and drivers
  • Large size crescent and pipe wrenches
  • Building materials such as hardwood, quality steel or stainless steel (angle iron, bar and round stock, sheet), PEX tubing
  • Block and tackle
  • High quality rope
  • Lab Equipment: Microscope slides, and cover slips, 2ml and 10ml pipettes, Kim wipes (or delicate task wipers)
  • Paint shaker compatible with 1- and 5-gallon cans
  • We also occasionally have the need for large pieces of shop equipment, trucks, and audio visual equipment.
  • Please note: Star Island does not provide a dollar value for gifts in kind.