Former Pel Discount!

Are you a former Pelican? Former Pelicans who have not attended more than one night of a conference on Star Island since 2019 or earlier receive two years of a discounted rate for any conference! This year you can get 50% off room and board, and next year you’ll get 25% off!



Important things to know before you fill out the application:

  • This application must be submitted no later than 2 weeks before the conference start date.
  • Most conferences are included in this program. There are a few exclusions, such as school and off-season groups.
  • This discount only applies to you if you are going to attend the complete duration/full length of a conference. For example, if the conference is scheduled for three nights, you must be present for all three nights.
  • You may only receive one discount each conference season (even if you qualify for more than one discount). Individual members of a family unit can receive different discounts.
  • This discount may be combined with Star’s financial aid program and are subject to individual conference policies, conference scholarships.
  • There is a cap. Any individual or family cannot receive more than the full value of room and board – including any financial aid or outside stipends.