Welcome to Star Island Corporation. We are looking forward to a fantastic season and we are glad you are with us!

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To be employed on Star Island this summer, you must provide the following information to our Portsmouth office. This paperwork should be submitted to us as soon as possible but no later than one month before your start of employment. We must have all of your paperwork completed, signed, and in our possession before you are permitted to be employed by us.

Optionally, you may complete, sign and submit the “Paychex” Direct Deposit form. Be sure to include a voided check, bank letter, or specification sheet, as specified on the form- we cannot process your direct deposit without one of those documents. (download form)

Additionally, as we work with the public at SIC and have families with children on the island, employment is contingent on a clean background check.  Criminal background checks are a necessary part of being hired at SIC and are not meant to offend or to invade privacy, merely to assure the safety of employees and guests that come to the island. You will be emailed a link to complete the background check; your quick response to the email will help us expedite your hiring process.



When you arrive for work at Star all employees must present identification indicating their eligibility to work in the United States.  Employment in prior years does not count.

Appropriate identification is listed on the I-9 form online. Make sure you bring either your passport or two forms of ID listed (one from each column) on the I-9 form. Unfortunately, we cannot accept photocopies so please be sure to bring the necessary IDs with you.

If you fail to bring your identification with you, it will be your responsibility to ensure your identification is received and verified by SIC within three days of your start of employment.  If this is not done, you will be required to stop work in which case you may be required to leave the island to accommodate any replacement that may be hired to fill your position. No one can work for Star who does not submit the required identification.



Below you will also find some additional information to familiarize you with Star Island living and to ensure you have adequate time to review pertinent Star Island personnel policies. Please take the time to carefully review the following documents:


If you have questions regarding paperwork submission requirements or employment terms please contact the Office Manager at the Star Island Office at office@starisland.org, (603) 430-6272.