All Star 1 Family Conference: Looking Forward

July 4, 2021 to July 10, 2021

Hindsight may be 2020 but we are Looking Forward to 2021!

We are Looking Forward to coming together with our community and sharing favorite island experiences…marshmallow roast, music, flying kites, bakery treats, polar bear dip, row boats, and the unbeatable sunsets.

Our speaker, Catherine Dunn, will examine how music, visual composition and color work together to influence our emotional response to media. With lots of excerpts from popular and classic films, she will guide us through an analytical viewing of Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece, North by Northwest. Finally, she will have us put our new knowledge to work with a special project. You will never view a movie the same way again. Join us in 2021!

Theme Speaker

Catherine Dunn, Film and Video Department Chair; Film and English Teacher at Viewpoint School, Calabasas, CA. You will never view a movie the same way again!

Minister of the Week

Rev. Dr. Leon Dunkley, North Universalist Chapel Society, Woodstock, Vermont

Program Fee

$100/adult (18+), $80/youth, not to exceed a family maximum of $380

Boat Times

Depart Portsmouth: July 4, 2:25 pm

Depart Star: July 10, 9:20 am

Room & Board

AS1 Standard Shared Standard Single Motel Shared Motel Single
Adult 18+ $1,041 $1,416 $1,282 $1,881


AS1 0-5 years old 6-11 12-17
Youth Rates Free $482 $689


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