Chamber Music Weekend 2023

September 8 - September 10 or 11

Solisti di Stella, the musicians you have heard and loved over the last summers are Paul Rosenbloom, Music Director, piano; Theodore Mook, cello; John Sumerlin, violin; Laura Gulley, violin; Susan Culpo, viola and Rob Hayden, clarinet. Now in our ninth summer, they will enchant you with glorious concerts in Star Island’s 200 year-old, candle lit, stone chapel, the stately lobby of our 19th Century hotel, and other venues. There also will be discussions between the musicians and the audience in the Pink Parlor.

Audience comments:

Just wanted to add my voice to the many who have shared their enthusiasm for this wonderful weekend. The musicians were superb, and there’s not a lovelier location than Star to hear beautiful music such as they played.

I really enjoyed the music, and was fascinated by the modern pieces.

Thank you for creating such a wonderful musical respite for us all. The joy and peace of live music brought a rare serenity in the midst of this lengthy and horrific pandemic. I would not have anticipated the utter sense of tranquility brought on by the incredible musicianship. Hearing stories about the pieces and being able to interact with the performers was a gift that recorded music can never provide. I have been telling everyone how wonderful it was and I would love to spread the word.

We were more than “blown away” with the wonderful weekend and would be happy to recommend Chamber to anyone interested. Thanks for all your efforts. WOW!

We, too, we’re “blown away” by the quality of the music. Thank you for a fabulous time on Star Island. The natural beauty of Star mixed with the creative musicianship of the instrumentalists made it magical. We are so glad we could attend.

Conference Chairs

Jill Brody, Irene and John Bush

Program Fee


Room & Board

The rates below are per person for the full length of the conference.

3-night Option

Standard Shared: $528 | Standard Single: $698

Motel Shared: $642 | Motel Single: $923 

2-night Option

Standard Shared: $390 | Standard Single: $519

Motel Shared: $475  | Motel Single: $672 

Financial Aid

Visit Star Island’s financial grants webpage for information.

Boat Schedule

3-night Option

September 8: Depart Portsmouth at 2:20 PM, arrive to Star Island at 3:30 PM

September 11: Depart Star Island at 11:45 AM, arrive in Portsmouth at 1:15 PM

2-night Option

September 8: Depart Portsmouth at 2:20 PM, arrive to Star Island at 3:30 PM

September 10: Depart Star Island at 3:45 PM, arrive in Portsmouth at 5:15 PM


Contact Registrar, Janice Bestul Ossmann at