Faith Development Week 2023

July 16 - July 23

Waves of the Future: Emergent Strategies for Liminal Times

We as religious leaders have been learning how to be strategic throughout the pandemic. We’ve adapted to multi-platform experiences and reimagined traditions from the “before times.” It’s been exhausting. Now we are entering a new period of adaptation- what do we do next and how do we keep going? We hope Faith Development Week this summer can be a model for our future. As we enter a new stage with COVID, FDW offers you a guide to help understand and approach today’s challenges while also providing ample relaxation and fun time with your family and community. Using emergent strategies, we will look at patterns in human behavior to expand our thinking into more effective ministry. Using beloved Star Island traditions and multigenerational events, we will create a balance of professional development and fun activities for all ages.

Youth Programming

We offer youth programming for all ages, infants through young adults, in the morning. We also offer childcare for kids 0-5 in the afternoons. Mornings in our youth program are spent enjoying nature on both land and sea. They take island field trips to the Pelican Garden, Marine Lab, Music Barn, and Art Barn. Youth also enjoy telling stories, singing, laughing, making and launching the “famous” bottle rockets on the front lawn, the always popular “duct tape” regatta, and so much more! 

Theme Speaker

To be announced.

Minister of the Week

Rev. Tricia Hart

Program Fee

$160 per adult

$90 per youth

Room & Board

The rates below are per person for the full length of the conference.

Adults (18+) 

Standard Shared: $1,169 | Standard Single: $1,590

Motel Shared: $1,439 | Motel Single: $2,112 


Under 6: Free | 6-11 years: $541 | 12-17 years: $774 

Financial Aid

We have one full scholarship available each year, the Rev. Dr. Christine M. Wetzel Memorial Scholarship. More information can be found on the Faith Development Week website.

Boat Schedule

July 16: Depart Portsmouth at 2:20 PM, arrive to Star Island at 3:30 PM

July 23: Depart Star Island at 8:50 AM, arrive in Portsmouth at 10:15 AM


Visit Faith Development Week’s contact us page if you have questions.