Star Women: Joyful Renewal

September 15 or September 17 to September 19

Star Women is a magical, rejuvenating retreat for women of all walks of Life. This is a gift we give ourselves 3-5 days on an island with a flexible schedule. Enjoy relaxing in rockers, breathing restorative salt air, walking the rocks, sharing laughter and conversation during optional arts and crafts, plenty of Me Time and more. Attendees must be 21+.

Program Fee

$75/person 4-night option; $50/person 2-night option

Boat Times


Depart Portsmouth: September 15, 11:25 am

Depart Star: September 19, 2:45 pm


Depart Portsmouth: September 17, 1:25 pm

Depart Star: September 19, 2:45 pm

Room and Board

Women Standard Shared Standard Single Motel Shared Motel Single
4-night $592 $789 $718 $1038
2-night $347 $462 $423 $599


Contact Registrar Lauri Yanis