Star Harmony 2024

September 13 - September 15

A Weekend of Choral Singing

Star Harmony typically attracts many leaders of church and community choirs as well as folks who simply love to sing. Attendees go home with the weekend book of 30+ songs. The three singing leaders present a range of repertoire and teaching styles. Adam Podd is a young, brilliant jazz pianist and the Music Director of the First Unitarian Congregational Society in Brooklyn, NY. His repertoire includes short, poignant chants, his own rousing arrangements of African American spirituals and more, mostly gleaned from his work with the UU Brooklyn Choir. Mary Cay Brass is the director of the River Singers, an SATB community chorus, which sings songs from choral traditions from around the world as well as American shape note and gospel songs. Peter and Mary Alice Amidon lead their arrangements of traditional songs, hymns, spirituals, and songs composed by songwriters steeped in the oral tradition like Pete Seeger, Peggy Seeger, Si Kahn and Phil Ochs. Peter and Mary Cay are Music co-Directors of the Hallowell hospice singers, and the weekend always includes songs from Hallowell’s repertoire. 

Friday night we sing, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon we sing, Saturday night we have a potpourri of performances by attendees followed by a gospel style, by ear singing party led by the singing leaders and attendees. Sunday morning we sing.

Singing Leaders

Adam Podd

Mary Cay Brass

Peter & Mary Alice Amidon 

Program Fee

$115 per person

Room & Board

The rates below are per person for the full length of the conference.

Standard Shared: $408 | Standard Single: $542

Motel Shared: $496  | Motel Single: $702 

Financial Aid 

Contact Peter Amidon if you are interested in financial aid. Our budget is tight but will take requests under consideration. 

Boat Schedule

Departure from Portsmouth September 13th 2:25 PM  

Departure from Star Island September 15th 2:55 PM 


Contact Peter Amidon at