Island Watercolor Intensive

August 28, 2021 to September 2, 2021


Safe Harbor/Open Passage

Pack brushes and paints and return to (or discover) Star, a beloved and beautiful island we can come home to in 2021. After a year where Star Island couldn’t open because of the pandemic, the workshop will explore the concepts of safety and freedom. Specifically, we’ll consider what makes for a safe harbor in the context of the open sea and the horizon. We’ll investigate how Gosport Harbor has provided refuge for birds, mammals and aquatic animals, boats, inhabitants and visitors over the centuries. A harbor provides shelter and a semblance of predictability; while in open water, one must navigate the whims of weather and currents.  Yet a part of our being still yearns for risk and exploration. We might ask: what is the relationship between safety and freedom? As humans in a precarious and beautiful world, what are we willing to risk for freedom? And how can we, as stewards, work toward keeping the earth safe?

While we consider sheltered harbors and open water and sky, we’ll be working with drawing and color to achieve a balance between accuracy and looseness in our paintings. We’ll be exploring similar concepts viscerally. We’ll work on drawing for specificity and safety, while engaging a loose, rich approach to color. We’ll find our safe harbor in drawing and our freedom in risk-taking with color!

We will sketch, draw and paint on site, as well as work from sketches and photographs in the Art Barn. We’ll explore how the land hugs the sea and the open sea meets rock. We’ll investigate the shape of boats and their reflections and shadows in the water, and we’ll paint a panorama of Gosport Harbor.

We will have sole use of the Art Barn so will be able to keep our studio supplies set up as well as work outside of class time. Participants who would prefer to ride than walk out to the Art Barn will be able to catch a ride in the zip mobile.

This program is optimal for those who’ve had an introductory experience in drawing and/or watercolor or those who consider themselves at an immediate level, ready to take some risks! Experienced watercolorists are welcome to join as well: they can revisit concepts and techniques, as well as focus on more independent work. Beginners can contact the program leader for info and pre-workshop guidance. All students will have access to private consultations as well as engaging and supportive group critiques. All are welcome!

Program Instructor

Julia Morgan

Program Fee

$395 per person

Boat Times

Depart Portsmouth: August 28, 2:25 pm

Depart Star: September 2, 3:15 pm

Room and Board

Watercolor Intensive Standard Shared Standard Single Motel Shared Motel Single
Adult 18+ $766 $1031 $941 $1,395


Contact Conference Chair Julia Morgan