Star Yoga And… 2024

September 11 - September 15

Yoga and …
Writing, music, dancing, sunrise, chapel reflections, swimming, kayaking, rocker time, meditation, relaxation…
Our conference features a full schedule of yoga classes mixed with non-yoga workshops such as creative writing, meditation, music, and more. Most days begin with chanting at sunrise and gentle yoga before breakfast. Candlelit chapel meditations and evening yoga nidra have become traditions. Our only requirement is that there is no requirement, you are welcome to move at whatever pace you choose, whether that is sitting in a rocking chair listening to the gentle lull of the bell buoy, or taking every class on the schedule. Yoga And… is for you, whether you are a yoga practitioner or you just want to be part of a creative community. Join us as we deeply engage with the island and celebrate the last weekend of the season.

A sample schedule:

6 am Sunrise at East Rock

6:40-6:55 Chanting OM in the chapel

7-7:45 Theresa’s gentle morning yoga and meditation

8-9 Breakfast

9:30-10:15 Morning meeting and check in time

10:30-11:45 Class session*

12-1 Lunch

1-3 Free time (And do what you want… such as kayaking, swimming, reading, taking a self-guided Island walk with a botany or bird guide, self yoga practice)

3-4 Class session*

4:15-5:15 Class session*


3-5 Class session*

5:30-6:30 Happy hour

6:30-7:15 Dinner

7:20-7:55 Chapel time to gather, reflect, and share

8:30-9:30 Evening activity (could be a concert, dance party, yoga nidra, restorative yoga, or game night)


*During each Class session, there will be one Yoga class and an offering from our And… side. This could be a writing workshop, dance or music workshop, Art Barn time, or an Island Tour. Yoga could be a flow class, Iyengar class, or in-depth workshop. These Class sessions will be of different lengths, to make sense for the activities offered.

Program Fees

$200 per person

Room & Board

Standard Shared: $695 | Standard Single: $926

Motel Shared: $842 | Motel Single: $1,217 

Financial Aid

Please contact for more information.

Boat Schedule

Departure from Portsmouth September 11th 12:20 PM  

Departure from Star Island September 15th 2:55 PM 


Contact if you have questions.