Star Island Corporation programming

As work continues on the Beloved Community Project, we envision some sort of social justice and or anti-racism programming offered by the island to support the conferences, similar to offerings from the Marine Lab, Music Director and Environmental Services. This could potentially take the form of adult workshops, children’s programming, and other activities. More information on these programs will be made available in the coming year.

Star Island Ongoing Beloved Community Projects

In the coming months, the Beloved Community Task force plans to work on several other projects to support building inclusion on the island. These will likely include:

  • Making educational resources available to conference programs such as picture books with diverse representation, curricula and suggested activities.
  • Looking into resources for financial accessibility and economic barriers to participation
  • Finding ways to support the accessibility of “free-range kid culture”
  • Exploring how conferences can use the island/their conference to do anti-racism work

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